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organichombre ADN, BSN, MSN, LPN, RN

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organichombre has 35 years experience as a ADN, BSN, MSN, LPN, RN and specializes in critical care, med/surg.

Semi-retired since 2013, teaching ADN and BSN nursing student in clinical and SIM lab

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  1. organichombre

    Kinesthetic/Tactile Teaching

    Try role playing.
  2. organichombre

    New Clinical Instructor / advice

    First and foremost, trust your instincts. As a relatively new RN you have the most up to date evidence based practice guidelines, so giving your students that information is where you should start. Focus on the basics, most students have had hit or miss clinical experiences and need that foundation. Dialogue with your students, see what THEY need and make pre and post conferences meaningful. Be firm and fair, you are the professional to guide them. Good luck!
  3. organichombre

    COVID - Cancelled clinicals

    Galen College has provided Virtual Simulation through Wolters Klower for the entire Fall semester. We have used a combination of case studies and virtual simulations for clinical this quarter. The KY state board of nursing has approved this and we will be starting our next quarter online as well.
  4. organichombre

    Online Teaching

    Contact Galen College of Nursing. With the current state of affairs, all classes are being taught on line. And of course Pixie is correct in stating that you will only be able to teach ADN's or LPN's. Good luck!
  5. organichombre

    I Should Be in Jail

    Occasionally I have students who want to be pediatric nurses. Most often I get regular med/surg types because that is my MO. When I get those students I pay particular attention to them when we discuss various ethical issues related to adults and children. And on thing I have noticed is that if they tell me from day one that's where they are drawn to, you can bet that by quarter end they are still there. Pediatric/neonatal nurses, I feel are the rarest of the rare. God bless you all.
  6. organichombre

    The Stigma of Men in Nursing

    "What do we do to make the profession more attractive to men (and women) as we are short of nurses in many areas with the projection that the shortage will only get worse. Emphasize the valuable nature of the work, stop referring to it as a calling (we aren’t priests and nuns), emphasize the good schedules and pay, the transportability of the profession, and the ability to change specialties and advance into leadership, education, or advanced practice specialties if one desires. " Absolutely Fly Guy! I see a lot of people coming into nursing school (for profit) and I see a lot of people not making it. For some, nursing school isn't that hard if you've had a good science background or you just test well. Others, make great grades in college but nursing school blows their minds! Many kids are not prepared in high school for the demands of nursing school. While nursing is not necessarily a calling to most, there is that aspect of nursing that still perseveres. And how do you explain the answer: "I just like taking care of people"?
  7. organichombre

    What does the floor really think of nursing students?

    So what happens if you refuse? Is this a standard of practice for your floor? Are you designated a preceptor? Have you been trained to precept students. Does the instructor have any contact with you aside form the initial "drop off"? Are you being compensated? And even more importantly, do you have a problem with students in general? Or just the lack of communication?
  8. organichombre

    What does the floor really think of nursing students?

    I totally get this and appreciate the feedback. I am an educator in a Trauma 1 facility with ADN students who are about to gradate. Too often over the years I have heard that instructors drop off the students and don't see them until the end of the day. Not only is this wrong from the staff's point of view but it is usually in stark contrast to what our job descriptions are. Instructors anywhere are required to make rounds, assist with meds, procedures and generally be available anytime during the shift. Faculty vs. preceptor led clinicals are the standard and with drastically reduced numbers of true "preceptors", instructors need to maintain close contact with students while on the floor. More and more we are assigned to more than one unit which is logistically challenging but we are responsible none the less. I encourage staff to address this discrepancy and for instructors to do right by staff and students! Merry Christmas!
  9. organichombre

    The Stigma of Men in Nursing

    Bottom line folks...what will it take to get more men in nursing or...are there already enough? Discuss🤨
  10. organichombre

    Am I too young in experience to teach?

    You have the advantage of having been exposed to the most up to date information in nursing, via your school. That replaces years in experience if as someone said, "are you passionate"?
  11. organichombre

    Work hours per week for nursing instructor?

    Where do you live that there are no teaching positions?
  12. organichombre

    Failed Nclex after 2 years now what?

    Did you have accommodations in nursing school?
  13. organichombre

    Job Opportunity or Relationship

    Bottom line you have a job already. As others have said if you want to wait and then relocate that's cool. However, in response to the person who spoke of the "government job with excellent benefits", all VA's are not the same. Most public hospitals offer 4-5 weeks paid vacation these days, the VA's retirement matches what you put in which is common practice, pay rates are variable as they are in the public, governmental red tape ties your hands in unbelievable ways, tuition reiumbursement is regional as well, depends on how scarce nurses are, sure once you get over the 2 year probation period, you'd have to kill someone to get fired! not really kidding...too much, on the other hand, we Vets love nursing students, you are serving your country in many ways, and once a VA nurse you can transfer to any state in the Union with your one license. I know I got off target, but life is short and relationships come and go...what does your heart tell you? Good luck!
  14. organichombre

    Patient safety in nursing

    As RN perdiem said, get the patient back in bed with the first person who showed up. Stabilize the patient and then write up the entire floor. Along with filing an incident report and documenting what happened. If you pull that cord you have announced to the unit that you need help immediately. Then give your two weeks notice.
  15. organichombre

    Can We Talk About Nurse Suicide?

    We don't talk about suicide period. From Veterans who experience horrific incidents to the nurse here and Jack and Jill on the street. Depression is hidden very well by some people. Throw in some drugs and life events and...BAM!
  16. organichombre

    September 2019 Caption Contest

    I'm sorry sir, I told them Robert Smythe"!