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  1. Rnis

    Best Medical App?

    5 minute clinical consult (the app, not the book) Up to date is great but it is time consuming and hard to muddle through.
  2. right but even at 4 hours a week not taking any weeks off ......you would barely meet the requirement
  3. I graduated from an accelerated Bsn to Rn program... fabulous experience. What you are describing..... sounds concerning . I would consider switching
  4. Rnis

    PhD nurses educating DNP students

    In the DNP program I am in, we have some courses with multiple instructors typically one with a PHD and a DNP.
  5. Rnis

    Failed Np boards

    Sorry to hear this. I did Barkley (bought a used older version cause i'm cheap) and it was fabulous. I have heard that Fitzgerald goes too indepth for the boards. I also had the Leik book and app. I saw multiple questions that seemed word for word on my test. I felt well prepared for the Aanp and had good scores in all sections when I got the breakdown .
  6. Rnis

    Saying No to extra shifts, is it bad if you're new?

    Nobody cares. Just say no
  7. Rnis

    Post Masters Certificates

    Totally up to you
  8. Rnis

    Board of Nursing Complaint

    I wouldn't call at all She is just Type A. They didn't talk about the specific case just in general. My point was just to reassure that generally it is resolved without significant recourse unless there was gross negligence
  9. Rnis

    Do Male Nurses Face Gender Bias in Nursing Education?

    I live in a progressive area and i generally have multiple men in each clinical rotation. I have even had one clinical rotation where men were the majority. I don't have data to back up my perception, but my perception of men in nursing is that this is one instance where being a minority works to your advantage. When I have worked in floor nursing , men tend to get more sought after job placements as new grads (icu/ER ) at a greater proportion than their female peers. I also think they tend to get accepted into the social milleu of nursing floors more easily when they start a new position.
  10. Rnis

    Would you stay?

    I would not move on but I would try to make it a workable environment. The probability that a job change will results in a 30 dollar an hour cut should be a powerful motivator to improve the work relationships. Sometimes that takes a little effort in winning over a few MAs. Everyone wants to be appreciated, maybe buy pizza on a stressful night or bring bagel/donuts and when you see somebody doing something helpful ... make sure to appreciate that. Should you have to buy food ? No, but having a positive working environment is more important to me than being right. I would also address the issue of the MA who won't work with you with the manager. that is ridiculous and that type of attitude creates a hostile environment. Lastly , you're best off not treating co-workers or friends. however, sometimes situations arise........My rule of thumb if I choose to help is to have them send me a communication with our patient /provider messaging system and then within that documentation I order the medication and document the assessment/interaction along with the instructions I provided them for follow up. I regularly read the quarterly board of nursing in my state, and where I practice, no having a documented assessment/plan of care....is usually where people get in trouble
  11. Rnis

    Dilemma! Help please!!

    Do what you want. It might be hard to leave that specialty if you change your mind in a few years....but most of those nurses seem to want to stay.
  12. Rnis

    FNP in Hospital Setting

    This was drilled into me when I as in grad school that the FNP is not the appropriate training for the acute care role. It's not that you can't get a job....but if you are sued, the consensus model and certifying bodies are clear.........they will not have your back. I have no doubt the BON might come down hard as well. If that is what you want to do , I would make sure to start the process to get into a FNP to ANP program (some are discussed on allnurses) Good luck!
  13. Rnis

    Overturning a grade is it possible?

    It sounds like the instructor that makes the decision with input from the nursing team. Honestly from the brief examples you give......people have been failed for less. Learn from this and become a better studentnurse. I can tell you that that you likely don't have recourse if your appeal failed.
  14. Rnis

    Would you be willing to walk away?

    At least for my certifying body, you only need to work 1000 hours every 5 years and meet the CME requirements .
  15. Rnis

    PhD or DNP to become Faculty?

    If you are primarily wanting to teach.....get a PHD. I do think if you specifically a want non-tenure you would have to explain why you don't want a tenure position . The DNP is a practice degree.
  16. Hypothetical question. If you were happy in your NP role but were encouraged by a company to apply for a Non-NP position that would compensate similarly but require less hours a week and give more vacation a year.......would you consider it? (a job that could also be rewarding ....but in a different way)

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