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  1. ISO: PMHNP Telehealth Preceptor

    Good Luck! I am starting my post grad program as well. I am doing all in person clinical rotations but it was nail-biting getting them all secured (thankfully my school helps! )
  2. Legally can I mix RN/NP roles?

    You are doing a disservice to yourself (and really to the profession) . Quit working as a RN and only do the NP role. Moonlight somewhere else if you need the money. Why would they pay you as a NP, when your willing to get paid at a lower rate?
  3. AGACNP- new grad- starting in hospice?

    Good luck! I think that is a smart decision.
  4. NP Schedule

    So one thing I didn't realize....is when you start... you have a lot of power. So think of the schedule you want....and ask for it. After you have agreed to a schedule they are much less accomodating. I have a great schedule....but I would have th...
  5. Perhaps a silly question..

    That would be waaaay outside your scope of practice. I am a FNP but am getting a post grad PMHNP certificate. Getting a post grad cert.could be an option for you if you are wanting to do something of that nature.
  6. That's a bait and switch.. 32 hours a week.....is full time.
  7. Any APRNs that also enjoyed bedside nursing?

    I liked being a bedside nurse. For the first year....I missed it a bit. (It's natural to miss a role where you felt competent when you have moved back to a novice) I don't miss it even a little now. Given that you will be working in the hospital...
  8. Clinical Grading

    We do pass/fall with weekly check ins each week at clinical that we both initial off on. This has been true at both schools I have taught clinical at in the past few years. I much prefer pass/fail. It is very hard to come up with an objective gra...
  9. HOW MUCH malpractice insurance?

    My work covers me with secondary coverage through the states's malpractice fund. I don't have personal coverage
  10. School Nurse Pay

    That is how it's done where I live. The main school district prefers master's degrees
  11. Postgraduate Study

    no...it would be teaching a clinical rotation at a hospital. I think working inthe nursing field would be the best way to understand the different roles and then from there make the decision that is best for you. So many of my students as first se...
  12. Advice for Faculty Interview Presentation

    I just did a a talk about mood disorders and threw a power point together. It was pretty informal
  13. Does it matter where I get my PMHNP?

    If you are guaranteed a job....it doesn't matter. Once you have experience where you went won't matter...but it does matter sometimes with getting that first job. Good luck!
  14. NP with prior discipline

    I hate when people do this................
  15. NP with prior discipline

    Preceptor here: I work in a big system......I don't look people up/check their license so I am not sure how that would impact my willingness to precept you. I don't think there would be an issue with getting a contract at the corporate level but t...