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  1. Rnis

    Dumb Newbie

    Good luck to you! I think it is common for nursing students to consider their clinical experience "unpaid RN" work. But to be honest, it's not even close. You have the patient's RN and your instructor watching over you like a hawk and typically you are taking on very little of the typical RN load and responsibility. I would highly recommend getting experience as a registered nurse. Typically you can work part time during most FNP programs. Good luck!
  2. Rnis

    Do not understand scheduling issue

    This is our scheduling practice where I work. We do not work on RVUs so the expectation is that Dr. 's can take patients off our schedule and they get to fill first. Thankfully they usually take complex patients that they know better and it makes more sense for them to see. We are still held to RVU goals and fill rates...but since it doesn't effect our pay right now (that is changing) that is the law of the land. My concern is that it will be hard to change the culture when our pay is RVU based in the future.
  3. Rnis

    is this a common thing with OVERTIME

    its bad business, not sure why they would do that
  4. Actually comfort care is EOL care, (which is my speciality) and i don't think you do from your post but asking family to educate on that just because they are in the health care field is unprofessional and inappropriate. most drs have very little training in pallative care so just because someone has a MD behind their name does not make them an appropriate 'teacher" . If you don't think you know enough go to conferences , seminiars and even trainings put on at work. and i ditto the advice....... no crying in front of co-workers.
  5. Rnis

    Question about shift differentials

    the differential is 2 for nights and 3.5 for weekends so on the weekends i make 5.5 in differentials for the night portion of my shift. (i work twelves) for the first four hours i make the pm differential.
  6. Rnis

    About PA's comments to RN

    absolutely I agree. I would never judge a profession as a whole by the poor behavior of one member of that group. I also agree that there is definitely a unique and valuable role for us all .
  7. Rnis

    add future employer on facebook?

    NO! it makes it easy for everyone you work with to find you and know your business
  8. Rnis

    Just a thought

    I think that is why i try not to take short cuts....i think its good to feel that pressure .
  9. Rnis

    What do I do? Roaches, no heat...

    ditto call social services
  10. Rnis

    Problems with therapy staff......?????

    also i would talk to your supervisor because her behavior is inappropriate.
  11. Rnis

    Problems with therapy staff......?????

    definitely set limits also she really has no business asking about the fluid intake i would just site hippa and move on.
  12. Rnis

    Minimum level of experience for FNP

    good luck! i think you don't need to be and can't be and expert on everything but a few years of clinical experience will support you greatly
  13. Rnis

    Drug Test & IV Therapy

    when you take a drug test you tell them what your on and if you test positive you provide prescrips
  14. Rnis

    Med error in nursing school!

    The reason med errors and incident reports are reported is so that we can learn from them, it sounds like yo have.