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What are people using if patient is allergic to betadine for internal vaginal preps ? Phisohex says for external use only and Hibiclens says not to use on genitalia.


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Yellow slimmy stuff called technicare surgical scrub.


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Yellow slimmy stuff called technicare surgical scrub.

Too funny, I always say it looked like someone sneezed!


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Thanks you guys I will look it up and get some into our OR


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What do you use now that Technicare is off the market (temporarily I hope)???


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We were never able to get in our OR due to backorder then it was taken off the market. What is anyone else using for those people allergic to betadine?

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Not sure what we've been doing for vaginal preps, but for cystos we're using castile soap. Not really germicidal, but better than nothing since every other prep solution we use has alcohol or chlorhexidine that per policy can't be used.


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We use 'Travasept' here in the uk.


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Is Travasept avail. in the U.S.??

We use PhisoHex, cause there's really nothing else. Of course, Betadine if not allergic. Can't wait for Technicare to be re-released. Hope my hospital takes it back.


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I am having a problem trying to find an alternative to Technicare since it was pulled by the FDA. It was our primary scrub solution used in the Burn and Wound OR. It could be used on the head face and genitals, whereas most other solutions cannot. My surgeon has a problem with burn wounds and necrotic ucers being tinted with the Betadine or Chloraprep solutions. It is hard to identify and differentiate diseased vs non-diseased tissue. Exidine specifically states not to be used as a head prep or on genitals (male and female?). The label states should not get into eyes (blindness) or ears with perforated drums (deafness). How are you to know if a pt, has perforated drums or not, examine every ear with an ototome?? Most of our donor sites are from the scalp. Any suggestions??

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We use hibiclens.


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from everything i have read, it warns against using chlorhexidine products on genitals.

additionally, hibiclens should not be used by individuals who have a sensitivity to its active or inactive ingredients, and should be kept out of eyes, nose, ears and away from the genitals. serious complications including blindness, deafness and allergic reactions have been documented when hibiclens comes into prolonged contact with mucus membranes. keep out of the reach of children. in case of accidental ingestion, contact a poison control center immediately or seek professional attention.

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