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Tiffany, RN, BSN has 2 years experience and specializes in Operating Room.

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  1. Tiffany, RN, BSN

    recapping saline bottles?

    Luckily our pharmacy pre-mixes our irrigations and we just use a bag decanter to place the mixture onto the field. However after hours etc we draw 10mL out of the bag, mix it in the vial, draw it back up, put it back in the bag, then use a bag decanter to put onto the field. Recapping a saline bottle is never good aseptic technique.
  2. Tiffany, RN, BSN

    Where have you found missing countable items?

    I wasn't personally involved in this case but a dacron tape was found in the suction canister after 45 minutes of frantically searching. That's about the oddest thing that I've heard of. A needle was once found behind the drapes with anesthesia after the surgeon slammed the NH on the mayo and lost it.
  3. Tiffany, RN, BSN

    Scope of practice regarding wound closure

    Our hospital's policy is only MDs, PAs and RNFA can do wound closure. STs can operate skin staplers ONLY with the direct supervision of one of the above.
  4. Tiffany, RN, BSN

    Snow Days....

    Oh boy, its getting heated in here! My If you can't make it, you can't make it. What else can you do? I look at it like this: I have more to live for than my job so if that means I have to wait until daylight when visibility is better to come to work or even miss work because of no transportation, so be it. Or better yet, they can send someone to come get me but I'm not risking my life. Yes there are some who will come and sleep over and then there are some who are not willing to do that and that's their prerogative. Do you know what my hospital offered those who were willing to stay? A cot and old pt rooms with no heat, hot water, or tv. Yes, I understand its not going to be the Ritz but if that's all we're worth to them, I'll take my chances on having to be a couple minutes or hours late or even not being able to make it. A nurse on the floor arrived to work after being picked up by security at 4pm for her 7a-7p shift! No surprises that they wanted her to spend the night. was her response and rightfully so. I just don't agree that all of the responsibility should be on the employees. At some point the hospital needs to step up and ensure that the employees who are afraid or unable to drive get there safely and promptly and have somewhere decent to stay if they expect that.
  5. Tiffany, RN, BSN

    Incorrect count..

    An incorrect count is an incorrect count. I shall never forget the TAH I was doing when I ended up with 1 too many forceps at the end of the case. One was hiding in the tray and neither the tech nor I saw it during the initial count:banghead:. We did an x-ray just in case. Its always good practice to be on the safe side because who was to say that we didn't have 2 extra forceps and 1 was left inside? Ya never know. So CYA!
  6. Tiffany, RN, BSN

    Please tell me I am not wrong!

    We're staffed 24/7 so the only ppl who really get overtime are the ppl who scrub with the difficult surgeons. No one likes to go in those rooms so sometimes they'll beg ppl to stay with them. But even when that happens they have to leave early on another day. But that's awful that there is bullying going on with nurses at your hospital. But that's a consequence of a policy like that. There's always gonna be bad seeds who are always looking for a way to get out of work. But those are everywhere unfortunately:sniff:. We have several nurses who know how to scrub but only do so if there is a desperate situation and we are short on techs.
  7. Tiffany, RN, BSN

    Please tell me I am not wrong!

    So what do you do if you're scrubbed and its time for you to go home? We can't get overtime so we have to leave or leave early another day:crying2:. But yeah scrubbing out in our hospital isn't frowned upon. They really don't care either way as long as there's someone scrubbed while the case is going on. We have a urologist who has been having problems with his prostate (oh the irony) and he breaks scrub sometimes 2-3 times on nephrectomies and Percs.
  8. Tiffany, RN, BSN

    Please tell me I am not wrong!

    Nope I wouldn't demand that anybody do anything. I would just tell them that if they want food or drink, they can break scrub and go get it. Its up to them whether they want to keep going or not. I can't make them break scrub just as they can't make me feed them. I've been working in the OR long enough to know that.
  9. I never ever bring it up. Sometimes I'll get asked because of the terms I use or the questions I ask but I never introduce myself as a nurse. I like to see how they usually behave towards patients and visitors and I don't want to make them nervous. When I was going in to be induced (at the hospital where I work) my nurse told me that she was nervous to start my IV because I'm an RN. After I told her that I hadn't started an IV since nursing school, she loosened up, lmbo! The only time I have ever brought it up was when I was talked to like absolute **** by a nurse in another hospital. You should have seen her face when I dropped the bomb!
  10. Tiffany, RN, BSN

    Please tell me I am not wrong!

    I would not feed anyone during a case. Its too easy to contaminate something. If I was circulating a case that went so long that the surgeon and tech were both about to fall out from fatigue, I think it would be time for everybody to break scrub, have a quick snack and get back in there. A count can be done beforehand to make sure nothing is retained. I'm sorry but there is no excuse for food being in an OR.
  11. Tiffany, RN, BSN

    What should I carry in my pocket as an OR nurse intern?

    I carry 2 pens, a sharpie, and scissors in my right pocket. In my left pocket, I carry my cell phone, chewing gum and chapstick:). Gotta have those necessities .
  12. Tiffany, RN, BSN

    Help for new O R NURSE

    One question, OP. Do you value that brand new shiny nursing license that you just got? If you do, you better hit the highway and don't ever look back. That environment is a disaster waiting to happen. I work in SC as well and none of the stuff you have described is allowed or safe. I wouldn't bother trying to fight this in your current position. I would just leave. Find a new job ASAP, work your notice, and call JCAHO on the first business day after you leave.
  13. Tiffany, RN, BSN

    PACU/OR nurse issues

    I'm an OR nurse and we pre-op our own patients on call. Its a good way to brush up on skills. If there's an IV, I usually will try 2 sticks and then wait for the anesthesiologist if I don't get it. I give my own heparin, hang my own fluids, etc. Its not hard at all and I wouldn't want someone calling me from home for something so trivial. If there's any problems or meds I don't feel comfortable giving, I know I can always call anesthesia.
  14. Tiffany, RN, BSN

    Scrub tech breaking scrub without permission

    I agree with everyone who is saying that you need to focus on the throwing. If I ever IN MY LIFE AND CAREER AS AN OR NURSE have an instrument thrown at me, Security and the Police will be in bunny suits headed to the OR before the jerk could think straight and I would not settle until somebody left in cuffs. Had that been an AIDS pt and that instrument hit you, you could have lost your life. I'm sorry but I have more to live for than just circulating cases! This is serious business. I would be meeting with HR (with lawyer present) before the end of this week if I were you. And they could forget about me signing a counseling slip for a curse word. It enrages me that this type of thing happens. We're supposed to be professionals!!
  15. Tiffany, RN, BSN

    set up how do i proceed to work with these people

    Little tricks like this have been played on me before and the only thing you can do is CYA. If you must leave the room during a case, make sure you give a FULL AND DETAILED REPORT to the nurse coming in. Document everything that goes on in the case when you're with that tech and do not let your guard down. It sucks working with people like that but the only thing you can do is be on your toes and know your stuff. Then nobody can mess with ya, lol. As far as interactions with the tech outside of cases, you're not obligated to. I would only discuss work and if she made an attempt at small talk, I would just ignore her. Also, have you tried talking to her and asking her why she lied about the situation?
  16. Tiffany, RN, BSN

    Things you've seen in the O.R that made your teeth crinch?

    Well I haven't seen this but the crew tomorrow is in for a doozy. One of the gyn guys called with an add-on Suction D&C and requested that they have something there that can crush bone because the girl is pretty far along.