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  1. You did the right thing. The family were your priority when your patient had died. On a similar vein, I was with a close family member when they died (it was expected). When her daughter arrived, I told her it was a peaceful death. It wasn't. Knowing this will not help her daughter, so I keep it to myself.
  2. Libitina

    Nursing and the Ebola Virus

    I'm a theatre/OR nurse and said to my husband that people shown at Duncans apartment and in Africa weren't removing their PPE properly and having seen training footage of the extra steps being used for removal of PPE after contact with infected patients then yes, I can see contamination occuring. I do feel the Spanish nurse was pushed into stating it was basically her own fault because she may have touched her face with a glove though.
  3. Libitina

    "The Good Ol' Days!"

    We still do both of these in the NHS. Re changing the sheets, how do you do that differently?
  4. Libitina

    Learning about Sutures

    I've been scrubbing for 2 years and I've found this REALLY useful. I tend to know sutures by their numbers a '9136' is the most commonly used in my theatres. Thank you CP :thankya:
  5. Libitina

    Gas Prices thru the roof

    Just found this in my subscriptions. It's now around £1.41 a litre!
  6. In the UK it's traditional to give a graduating nurse a silver nurses belt buckle. I have one that I cherish, although I'll never wear it as I work in the OR.
  7. Libitina

    What is the best shoes for the OR?

    Any tips for stopping my new clogs squeaking on the OR floor when I'm walking?
  8. Libitina

    Things you'd LOVE to tell coworkers...and get away with it!

    To the theatre team who were due to relieve my team tonight. Check we can stay over before you send for your last patient an hour late. No point checking with us when the pt is already on the table. Grrrrrr...............
  9. Libitina

    Where have you found missing countable items?

    Usual for us is a swab inside the surgeons glove that they've removed.
  10. I have been told not to do this too. Kinda spoils the whole programme when I've diagnosed them 10 mins in
  11. Libitina

    Disorganized OR

    Have you heard of TPOT in the States? We're just starting it over here. It stands for 'The Productive Operating Theatre'. Might be worth looking it up for some ideas? P.S Note the English spelling of theatre though
  12. Libitina

    Healthcare sector among top adopters of iPad

    I bet the majority are anaesthetists.
  13. Libitina

    Critical Mass??

    Try Google.
  14. I know of one pt who had her brother ring up. Nurse confirmed her presence by say she'd had a comfortable night. When she told the pt her brother had called she found out she hadn't got a brother. Turns out it was her boss trying to confirm why she was off sick and that she really was in hospital.
  15. Libitina

    are c sections a norm?

    We have 2 theatres at the end of the l&d ward (8 rooms) specifically for sections, trials and repairs. There is a 'HDU' room (read glorified sideroom), but the midwives don't have a clue and keep coming to ask the ODP's for help with anything more complicated than an IV. The 'real' ITU is the other side of the hospital and needs a paramedic ambulance for transfers. Bit too far for my liking.