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I am so stressed out and it's only been 2 days of nursing school! We had a six and a half hour lecture today and got bombarded with information it's all like a foreign language to me, I have multiple assignments to do it just all seems impossible and this is my easiest semester...I'm just going to try and study one unit at a time but as of right now I don't even see how it's possible to retain all of this information let alone have time to do any of the reading assignments ect..I just need to stay positive but I can't even sleep because I am so nervous. The last thing I want to do is fail. I need study advice or something!! Sorry for rambling lol ?

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There are many threads that provide study tips:

It all seems very overwhelming at first, but, as you keep moving along you will get into your own groove. You're right, just take it one unit at a time. Scheduling is very helpful as well...I would get an agenda book or a big calendar and write out what you plan to study/do each day. It will make things feel less overwhelming.

Also, when it comes to reading, usually you can skim the readings and only read full chpaters when you are struggling with a certain area.

Best wishes!


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Hang in there! You will learn a whole new language before you know it! You will learn how to prioritize your time. There is no way to do all the reading "required" in nursing school. Base your priorities on your strengths and weaknesses...and how the class is taught. Talk to nursing students in older cohorts for tips, this has helped me a lot. I graduate in May 2015, Can't wait!


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Thanks guys! And congrats on graduating soon!! :)


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I know exactly how you feel right now. I'm in my second week of nursing school. It does get better! I can't say that it gets easier, because it doesn't! It's just that you're getting soooo much information thrown at you at once. Every day last week I went to school feeling like I couldn't do it. I wanted to just give up so badly and I'm sure I'll have many more of those moments. You just have to remind yourself of what you went through to get here. You are strong and this experience will only make you stronger! Lean on your fellow classmates when times get tough. Because more than likely, you're not the only one feeling this way. Next week will get easier. You won't be thrown QUITE so much information and you'll eventually get into a routine. The most important piece of advice I can give you is, stop looking at the entire semester, take one day at a time and stay on top of the readings, homework and projects, stay positive and remember to breathe!! You can do this! We can do this!


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It sounds like you're experiencing some anxiety. How have you been coping with that?

^ that was an example of a robotic therapeutic communication technique that you'll learn all about:nailbiting: It was also my attempt at injecting some humor into this thread.

Basically this is the key to success in nursing school: prioritize your tasks, don't get behind, at least skim your chapters, don't hang out with people who dramatize it, and find ways to manage your stress and anxiety.


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Thanks guys! And I agree we have all worked very hard to be here. I am making a schedule of what to study and just mastering one unit at a time..I think I'm just stressed because it's so much information and so new but I just need to stay confident! Glad I'm not going through it alone!


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I am on my third week and I feel stupid! Almost everyday I question myself!! It is so much info to take in... I hope it gets better. I made a terrible grade on my first unit test and I'm not sure what I did wrong in my studying. Once again, I HOPE IT GETS BETTER. Good luck to you


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You can do it! I vividly remember how completely overwhelming the first weeks of the first semester were.

There's a good thread further down titled "Effective Studying"...very good article attached. I think the key to feeling a little less overwhelmed is to stay ORGANIZED! Go through and write all of your test dates, due dates and reading assignments in one calendar. No surprises that way ;) You'll get the hang of how to get the readings in. And first exams (I think) are always the toughest because you have no clue as to your instructor's testing style. Chances are though that questions are nclex-style so practice nclex questions! Even if it's like 5 a day it gets your mind better aquainted with that style of testing.

Good luck! Oh, and I agree with sjalv who said not to hang with people who dramatize it...attitude counts for a lot. If you think you can't do it then you're setting yourself up for failure. :D

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What type of learner are you? I am audio and if I try and take notes during lectures I will fail the exam, so I was the student who sat there front row glued to powerpoint and listened without lifting a pen and aced the exams, the one lecture I did take notes on I made a 68 on. I used the highlights in the book not the whole chapter, the instructors would post the power points online and I did practice tests from saunders review.


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It gets better. I have 2 quarters left, and some days are overwhelming. Just take it a day at time. It's helpful to keep the big picture in mind, even if it's just a unit at a time. It is helpful to take time each day to review what you learned in class, you'll get there. Repetition is key and practicing nclex style questions. Good luck and stick with it.