January 2018 Caption Contest - Select $100 Winner! - page 2

You Can Win $100! Prove me wrong. But, I think this one is difficult. My challenge to you is to produce a winning caption to the attached cartoon. You may propose as many captions as you wish. ... Read More

  1. by   djh123
    "Isn't it Twofer Tuesday?"
  2. by   Seanj
    "She doesn't wag her tail anymore. I think we are ready for delivery"
  3. by   HappyMom5
    Yes I am sure this is what the stork delivered.
  4. by   Elfriede
    "No more patients, but our manager commanded, that we have to keep the store on the run!"
  5. by   mrbrowne
    Best day ever
  6. by   SDboyy
    The husband's on the golf course, but he sent his Best Friend!
  7. by   wondern
    Before I push I reeeally neeeed Sally Sue, my guide dog, nooooowwww please!
  8. by   TigraRN
    Here is YOUR bundle of joy!
  9. by   skcoffee
    Didn't you hear? ‘Doula dogs' are the biggest thing on the mommy forums now.
  10. by   babeta
    - Midwife,maybe you are looking for this?
  11. by   bdarden07
    Did someone say they needed a service dog?...
  12. by   Phil-on-a-bike
    "Someone called for a 'Lab' report?"
  13. by   Seanj
    "The sign says delivery room. She's almost 'due' and the vet is still on vacation"