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HappyMom5's Latest Activity

  1. HappyMom5

    September 2019 Caption Contest

    This hospital should consider restricting employee costumes allowed for Halloween.
  2. HappyMom5

    10 tips for nurses to achieve a healthy lifestyle

    Great, practical tips. I can't wait to try the Halo Top ice cream and Lenny and Larry cookies.
  3. HappyMom5

    Looking for malpractice insurance in CA

    Give this a try: https://allnurses.com/medical-malpractice-insurance/ You can get a quote online within minutes.
  4. Very entertaining and informative. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see what is coming next!!
  5. HappyMom5


    I think bringing in your medals is a great idea. Nothing wrong with dispelling myths and inspiring young women. Great idea!
  6. HappyMom5

    Do all Nurses need Malpractice Insurance

    Hey allnurses has partnered with CM&F to offer nursing medical malpractice insurance or aMMP. Great rates. Check it out https://allnurses.com/medical-malpractice-insurance/
  7. HappyMom5

    Orientation to Nurse Coaching: What Is Coaching Anyway?

    Very interesting article. I do hope that credentialing and/or certification of Coaches becomes the norm. This will help build professionalism within the coaching world. Would love to hear some examples of how your coaching skills have enhanced your nursing practice....
  8. HappyMom5

    Mentoring: A Nursing Connection

    Patients -long- remember health care professionals they connect with. Trust comes into play once you make that connection. Two-way trust should result in better care and less second guessing. Great article.
  9. HappyMom5

    Sisters in Support

    Its so important to teach our girls (and boys) the Golden Rule. Treat others how you want to be treated. Growing up with that empathy would hopefully carry through into the workplace. Kids need to learn that the more we GIVE the more we GET. Thanks for your passion in working with the youth. We can change the world one act of kindness at a time. Glad to hear that your current work situation has improved!
  10. HappyMom5

    Speak It, Write It, Repeat It

    Great tips for NPO compliance. "Speak it, write it, repeat it" could work in many situations. Like communication with my kids .... :). Thanks for the great information.
  11. HappyMom5

    My SRNA Journey

    Glad to hear that allnurses helped you on your journey into nursing. Now your input will inspire others. Thanks for the great contribution.
  12. HappyMom5

    Overweight Healthcare Workers

    I just watched the video and do not understand the comments slamming the OP. She is saying exactly what you all are saying. Did you watch the video?