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  1. NurseYoshi

    Cartoon Caption Contest WIN $250! Nurses Week 2018

    It's raining phlegm, hallelujah. It's raining phlegm, every specimen. Bloody, sticky, yucky and gross.
  2. I've got two! Neither are probably funny to anyone else, but they were hilarious to me at the time. First one, pt: "What's that in your ear?" Me: "my stethoscope?..." Pt: "no there's a shiny thing, like an earring" Me: "oh my daith piercing?" Pt: "that's a what!? How did they get in there?" Me: "well it's not that complicated when you go to a professional to get them to do stuff for you. It's a piercing that helps with migrantes." Pt: "NO WAY! Maybe I should tell my daughter so she can stop using drugs. She gets migraines from working with kids." LOL Second, while I'm drawing blood after I realized it was my pt's birthday the day prior(. Me: "sorry I missed your birthday, maybe we can count this as your birthday present?" Pt looking at where I'm drawing her blood and sees that she's starting to bruise: "maybe you shouldn't give me any more birthday presents." Lol. I hate hurting my patients to draw blood and the lady was really sweet, but she had horrible veins and it blew while she was fidgeting during our conversation.
  3. NurseYoshi

    February 2018 Caption Contest - Win $100!

    Nurse: "Doctor, I promise he swallowed something." Doctor: "I think you just wanted me to help you change his brief." Nurse: "now I remember what he swallowed. IT WAS THE DOORKNOB!"
  4. I thought this was the delivery room I bring my dog to so I can go on vacation. She might also be prego, I don't know.