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  1. Big Med Error.

    I am sorry it happened. the good thing is that the patient will be OK. Time will pass and you will feel better as it does. I had a similar error and it took me a year to get over it. It teaches you to be careful, for sure.
  2. Superstitious Nurses

    Yes, I used to have scrubs and each time I was wearing a patient would die. Got rid of the scrubs. And I never ever go to do postmortem care by myself... I just can't. And sure enough, if you forget to bring shears, you will desperately nee...
  3. New California Nurse to Patient Ratio

    1:6 in ER, all 6 being MedSurg patients, 1:3 ICU "with a nurse extender" (who cannot be given appropriate orientation time). It really depends on the day. Rapidcare patients ESI 4 - a lot ?.
  4. Moving to the Triangle area

    Rubyagnes, how was your move, can you share what you have learned? please? I am planning on moving to NC as well and looking for an ER to land.
  5. Try setting the record straight with them - tell them "from now on I will not be able to pick up any extra shifts due to ... ". Don't let them make you feel guilty, you are already working full time.
  6. Your Favorite Nursing "Hack"

    Burping NS bags to save the tubing if a second bolus is needed later.
  7. Resign first or wait until I find out if I'm fired?

    Calliope26, what happened if you don't mind me asking?
  8. ER Overtime?

    In our facility, you can usually pick a shift a week or so. Also, flexing in and out is easy, if you need more beauty rest or need to come home earlier. Basically, the schedule can be flexible.
  9. Notes in 3rd person style

    In nursing school, we were taught to describe things in the third person and stay neutral. Sometimes I use "I" if something needs to be clear.
  10. Reasons nurses get fired

    1. Checking BG on someone who refused it. 2. HIPAA violation
  11. A patient came in for a glue stick stuck in his rectum. I explained the dangers of using glue the way he did, to what he replied: "Don't worry, it's non-toxic".
  12. My IV Skills are Terrible!!!

    It is actually good that you need to insert them every day, because now it is only a matter of time till you become a pro. What I found helpful for myself: 1) do not look for a veing, but feel for it; it needs to be nice and "plumpy" or collapsible. ...
  13. Needlestick Accident

    I once had a needlestick with a contaminated (patient's blood) needle. That patient had a whole array of liver problems. I felt like I went through hell waiting for results, but will not make the same mistake again. Don't feel bad about the patient,...
  14. How Much Junk do you Keep?

    Remotefuse, I love this book! In my library it was available as "The life-changing manga of tidying up" which is a comic book. I literally had to stop myself from reading it further so that I could tidy up by category in real life. It's been at least...
  15. Mandatory double verification would be helpful for paralytic as well. If we have another RN witness insulin, heparin, amio, why not do the same with vecuronium?