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ages and schedules


I am working full-time- have a family and am taking music, mircobiology and economics this semester! I am going to TCC in hampton roads.. what is your schedule like and how old are you--I am 31 yiiikkkeeesss!!!!

mindofmidwifery, ADN

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I'm 19 and I'm still taking general ed courses, so this semester looks like 20th century fashion history, 2nd year writing course in psychology, introduction to comparative studies, a blended elementary chemistry course, and college pre-algebra. I got to OSU and I also plan on working part time (maybe 20 hours/week max) and volunteering at a hospital.


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Hey! I'm 28 w/ 4 kids and work part time as an LPN. I'm taking biology, chemistry, English and psychology this semester. It's gonna be tough.

Carpediem1012, BSN, RN

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Just turned 39. Taking third year of my BSN. I have two children, one with autism. Life is busy :)

looks like we are going to be busy people----it gives me more motivation and inspiration to see others with busy lives--not discrediting anyone else who's main focus is only on school,we all have our own level of stress that we can maintain and manage without going coo-coo.

I'll be turning 33 a couple of days before the fall semester starts. I am going full-time and run a small business from home, along with a 5 year old and 16 month old.

23 with a 15 month old at home, taking a full course load for fall (Human Biology, Elementary Algebra, The College Experience, Comp I, Basic Nurse Aide). Oh, how busy will I be!

Currently, I'm part time for the summer.

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I am 29 and have a 5 year old and 7 year old....in the fall I will be taking Nutrition, english 1302, and medical terminology. I will be substitute teaching at my children's school and waiting for september to roll around and hopefully be accepted to the spring nursing class :D

NurseGirl525, ASN, RN

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I am 38 with an 8 year old boy. My classes are Nursing Fundamentals and lab, med surg 1 with lab, and clinicals. Going to be very busy.

Im 26 with a 3 year old and a 8 month old. Going to school full time and still deciding whether to work p/t during the weekends or taking out a little extra on my loans to help pay for day care so I can focus on school. Taking 2 online classes- some entry to college type class and Math 101

Also taking

A&P 1

English Composition

General Psycology

Man o man... AND I am taking the PAX RN between October/November


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You're 31?!? I'm old enough to be your mother!

Good luck to you (from an ancient one!).

Idiosyncratic, BSN, RN

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I'm 22 with baby number 3 due a week before finals. I've never gone to my due date, so I'm not all that concerned. But I'm not working, although I'm looking for some part time reception work. I'll be taking anatomy and physiology 2, precalculus, English 1(repeat, want that A), and Survey of Constitutional History.

Luckily, everything except ap2 is online. :)

24 with a 3 and 4 year old...work fulltime fall schedule A&P 2 and weight nutrition..and ill only have one class left to apply for the nursing progran (bsn) whoop whoop 😁 kuddos to us parents that doesn't allow our babies to become the reason why we can't do it but instead why we CAN AND WILL SUCCEED..wish everyone great success

ha!! well sometimes I fell like my life has already passed to go back to school, so I just need some reinforcement that its not:):)

19, I am taking medication simulation, nursing 1, nursing 1 clinic, and nursing 1 lab! i Finished most of my science classes all I have left is microbiology which I plan on doing next summer! Good luck to you.

I'm 36, nursing will be my second career. I'm starting prereqs and my Fall schedule is A & P 1 and 2 (I did them 6 years ago so they timed out, I've got permission to take both in one semester as I got As last time) and Intro to Psych. I was going to do Human Growth and Development too but I also need to work 30 hours a week so I dropped that class. I'm going to be pretty busy with just those 3 classes plus work and family life!

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I'm 19 and I'm taking intro to biology (required for other bio classes), principles of nutrition, lifespan development, intro to criminal justice and a humanities class.