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After nursing, what other career or area in nursing to look into?


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I am getting through nursing until my loans are paid off. I think I would rather work part time and have weekends/holidays off. But honestly I do not know where else to go. Perhaps work in a fower shop arranging flowers?

Or work part time in an office or part time at a clinic. what would you do?


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How long have you been a nurse? I think there are some nursing jobs that are like what you describe if you have experience. You could work per diem and pick only weekdays (I had a preceptor that did this). However, you would not get benefits etc. But you probably wouldn't get benefits arranging flowers. If you are unhappy with nursing I guess you should leave but after all your hard work to become a nurse you may want to stay in the field in some way.

why do you want to leave nursing? i am in the process of just getting into nursing and was wondering why you want to leave it. Just curious.!

I'm impressed that you can afford to do something like that. I guess it's better that you do what you need to do to avoid stress and burnout. I wanted to work part time in an office and part time at the hospital, but I can't afford to make the change right now. I'm with everyone else - how long have you done nursing and why do you want to leave?

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I always hesitate to respond to posts like this until I know why the OP wants to quit nursing. If it is the hospital environment that is the problem, there are a lot of other options...case mgt, public health, community health. Most of those would give you a more routine schedule. But most of those are full or nearly full time jobs.

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I guess my curiosity is peaked too. Why, after going through everything it takes to get through nursing school, would you give it up?

There are so many areas of nursing to work in if it is just a weekend and holiday thing. I work in an infusion suite and only work M-F. I know lots of nurses that work per diem and pick their own hours. Good luck with whatever you decide.

There always medical sales rep, and medical product consultant ,

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I have almost 2 years of experience. I love the hospital environment I'm working in. I wouldn't work anywhere else. However I don't like that it takes me an hour and a half to get there. Apartments/homes close to my job are way too expensive. But I just want to do something different or something more flexible. part-time-ish. After doing 3 tough 12's in a row this week on nights I just wonder what else is out there.

In 3 years maybe I'll go back to school again and be an elementary school teacher or work at the botannical gardens as a botanist. Work per diem? Actually I don't mind working only week days. Spending time off with family is a priority to me. As long as I could avoid holidays and weekends I am open to anything.


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I agree that checking out options in your immediate area are an option. What about a physician office, public health, home health or an administrative job. I am starting a job in infection control where I will be commuting 10 minutes each way instead of an hour...it will save a lot of time and a lot of money not to have to drive in four to five days a week. I will also have weekends and holidays off.

I guess my curiosity is peaked too. Why, after going through everything it takes to get through nursing school, would you give it up?


I know physicians who gave it up, one never even went into practice. If you find it's the wrong field for you or if you just get fed up, it's time to change.

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