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amy0123 has 11 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in MedSurg Tele.

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  1. Thank you, that is an awesome suggestion! I can definitely spend a day shadowing in each area and pick a specialty. I'll contact the manager of each specialty. If the specialty is not a good fit for me, then I could stay as I am in my position. At least I could say I've tried
  2. Hi everyone, I have been a medsurg tele traveler for a little over ten years, and pick up local per diem shifts in between assignments at home. After reviewing several travel nurse websites and all of their needs for specialties like OR, ICU, ER, PICU, NICU, L&D, I've been considering adding a new specialty for new opportunities and experiences. What would you pick if you were me? :) A few of my coworkers have transitioned to NICU and loved it. I remember always wanting to work with babies during my days in nursing school. After I graduated I was directed to start in medsurg and never really transitioned to another specialty. Now I'm considering NICU, as there are several positions available at my local facility. I feel I'm sort of at a crossroads. Learn a new specialty and stick with it for a few years or should I stick to traveling in medsurg tele? Have any travelers taken time off to train in other areas and then travel again? What was your experience? What would you recommend? What would you do?
  3. amy0123

    NCH Naples Housing

    I've worked at The Villages Hospital and Naples Community Hospital on Travel Assignments with AMN. They were both a great experience. I'm a med/surg/Tele nurse. Some friends I made in both places work in ICU and said it was great too. I would definitely go back to either hospital and work there again if the opportunity opens and I'm available.
  4. amy0123

    Anyone going to Naples, FL

    It's an excellent hospital. The technology is new. It's very organized. The cafeteria has the best food. I was there last year. I can't complain. Everyone is friendly.
  5. amy0123

    Can't get a mortgage because I travel???

    I had the same problem. It was not easy. The process took weeks. I had the same situation. I had to explain to my loan officer what a travel nurse was and does. He said his mother was a nurse and new about travel nursing and she helped him to understand it better. She even lived near the home base of the travel agency. My loan officer had to convince the underwriter that I would be living in the home and not leaving it for long periods of time. I explained that long truck drivers, salesmen, flight attendants may leave their homes for weeks at a time and get mortgages too. My loan officer wanted to see proof of steady consistent income, (no gaps of time without paychecks), proof of employment and that I would be living there, employeed within the area and not commuting more than 50 miles. What it came down to was the steady income - that I've been working with the same company for years without gaps in time. Plus it helped that my husband was not a travel nurse and that his name was also on the mortgage. He can be there while I'm away. Shortly after the underwriter approved the mortgage, we went into closing.
  6. amy0123

    Need advice on housing! I am so frustrated.

    Take the stipend. Look in the papers for a furnished apartment or room close by the hospital. Sometimes hotels offer discount monthly rates like the Ramada or Extended Stay. You could speak to the person who set-up the housing but they may take longer to arrange for a new place.
  7. amy0123

    NO LUNCH??? NO BREAKS??? Is that common in nursing?????

    All staff get the same lectures from administration. I'm not sure what the big deal is to the facility about no lunch breaks. If we weren't so overloaded by what administration gives then we would always have a lunch break. In one facility, staff had to swipe in and out electonically. lunch breaks were automatic. If you missed a lunch break - God be with you. Because if you did not a good enough reason to convince the supervisor why you had no lunch break - it was not granted. And being "too busy" about anything was never accepted. You really had to fight for it. It got to the point were nurses just gave in because they were not up to dealing with the stress and labor of convincing administration. UGH! Going to the labor board sounds like a good idea.
  8. amy0123

    Please interpret this med order

    I would ask the doc to clarify the order. Example: Give 5mg oxycodone q3h prn if pain level 1-4 Give 10mg oxycodone q3h prn if pain level 5-7 Give 15mg oxycodone q3h prn if pain level 8-10 That's what they do at my hospital.
  9. amy0123

    NO LUNCH??? NO BREAKS??? Is that common in nursing?????

    Where I work it is mandatory that we document we had a break even if we did not or we would get reported. We could get written up for eating or drinking at the nurses station.
  10. amy0123

    advice from experienced travel RN's.

    Sorry that this experience was awful. I'm a medsurg nurse. I recall working in a similar environment. Working in CSICU was difficult. Especially with the preceptors I had. All except for one had A-Type personalities and very harsh. I couldn't put up with them. Very non-supportive with ice cold hearts. Anyway, I've been traveling for 1.5 years in med-surg. Every facility has their own way of managing charts, staff, patient care, protocols. No facility is perfect. They all have quirks. The last place, a small community hospital, I had some troubles with. It was mentioned a few posts ago on the General Forum. Brief: That hospital should not carry incompetent supervisors to act as doctors or over-ride doctor's orders after the doctor had evaluated patient. The supervisor had no reason to yell at me!! for a fresh postop patient that had a new onset of afib and needed to transfer to a monitored unit! Well at this same facility, starting out was painful. A nurse had too much to do here with little or no assist. We did vitals, fingersticks & bed baths (orthopedic, so many completes). I had a nervous breakdown the first day. The nurse manager was supportive and said give it one more week, if you still don't like it, then you can quit. I got through the first week and stayed after I was able to create a doable routine. Computer documentation and checking computer orders was soooo time consuming. In addition, for the many docs that did not enter electronic orders, we also had to do paper chart checks since the admission date of each patient (we commonly had 7-8 patients with an additional admission or transfer by the end of shift). Keeping track of both paper and electronic was confusing. I had a clinical liason that worked with my agency. I called her almost every week or so with a list of questions on patient care, staff, questionable situations. She gave me a lot of support and direction. I think I would have quit if I had no one to talk to. Try reposting in the general forum and/or the cardiac forum for the clinical questions. I think they can be answered quicker there.
  11. My husband and I were planning on moving to E. Stroudsburg. He has family in the area. I am looking to settle. A few questions: Is it better to live close to work? or commute to NJ to work? I noticed there is only one hospital in the area: Pocono Medical Center. Does anyone know anything about this place and what it is like to work there? Any other hospitals recommended? Any information or feedback would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
  12. I requested a copy of references and evaluation forms from my assignments that was given to my agency. Their response back was: "Unfortunetly, we are unable to release the references to you. Both facilities completed an AMN Assignment Evaluation form, because they completed our form and sent it directly to us, then it is is our policy not to release those to anyone outside of our company. If you have any further questions, please let me know." Is this right?
  13. amy0123

    What do hospitals pay for a travel RN?

    The agency absorbs a percentage of the cost. The agency gives the left overs to the nurse. Hospital may pay $125/hr, the agency may keep $100 of the cost, then the travel nurse gets the $25/hr.
  14. amy0123

    Name your poison

    crispy potato chips with a cup of cola
  15. amy0123

    best travel agency...

    Fastaff, OnAssignment. I don't think there is a fast way of getting through the paperwork! Especially when you need 2 or more recent evaluations from a charge nurse or nurse manager, a physical, a ppd, then there is the jcaho, hippa, osha, medication exams and a license in the state you would like to work for. I think there is more paperwork. It's pretty time consuming. But worth it.
  16. My pt sitting in chair, HR 151, BP 87/46. no distress. Fresh knee post-op with morphine pca. MD called. wants pt to go to telemetry. Another MD evaluated pt & says he is in rapid afib get him back in bed "Transfer to ICU." I call the supervisor to explain everything and that's when she starts yelling at me. "Why didn't you call me first, he does not need to go anywhere!" Then she arrives on the floor "You didn't medicate him well enough that's why he's like this." along with more additional replies about pain medication use. I said "I just started my shift. He's on a PCA, and he's denying pain!" She rolls her eyes. Then the pt suddenly had a brief moment of syncope while PT is getting him to bed. Supervisor spats at me "Don't you know what a vasovagal is? Have you seen one before?" I said "Yes, once, when my patient was on a bedside commode." She says "You should have called me before calling those doctors! Don't you know how to assess properly?" She goes on and on. It was getting personal. But I was more focused on getting orders completed & my pt to the unit rather than getting involved in her self-generating arguments. I doubt she listened to me. She just kept yelling. She would be more of a use if she helped carry orders out instead of trying to find a blame for his condition. I asked her 3 times what room is my pt being transfered to? She finally spat out the room number as she was walking away from me. What the heck?? Then a few hours later she tells me smiling "That was a good call" I did not even want to pursue an apology or defend myself. With her type of personality, my words would only be blowing in the wind. My resignation was already turned in. I can't imagine working here any longer. I need to work with teamplayers who want to seriously save lives. Should I complain? The nurse manager on my floor is already aware of how the supervisors are. This is not the first. I was told that a pt coded and died because the nursing supervisor intercepted a transfer. I learned something new: Seems to me that there is some "administration vs the nurses" problem that has been existing long before I started.