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  1. yuyu75

    Would you nurses like me better if......

    Oh, thanks so much all of you for the quick responses. That is actually what I was thinking but wanted to make sure. I will definetaly (sp) start working on my pre-reqs while hopefully finding a job as a CNA and making you nurses proud!! thanks again
  2. So i am in my 2nd week of a 5 week CNA course. I am in a little dilemma. After this CNA course, I was thinking about getting my phelbotomy certificate when I was finished...would I get a better job opportunity with a CNA with a phelbotomy cert or should I just forget about the phlebotomy and start on my pre-reqs for nursing school? Would I be more of help to the nurses if I were a CNA who could also draw blood? Just curious! Thanks
  3. yuyu75

    MHT vs. Mental Health CNA

    OMG... I WISH it was that easy. You are so lucky. Here in Chicago, IL it is so hard. There are not alot of free standing psych facilities, mostly hospitals with psych units and you need a bachelors in psych/socialwork etc to get into mental health. I really wish they had something like what you went through, it would solve ALOT of my problems. I am a stay at home mom wanting to go to school but i dont know if I want nursing (mental health nurse) or mental health worker. I don't have the time or money for a lot of schooling,but i am scared to do the nursing. How was nursing school for you? I would do the Associate in nursing program. I seriously almost want to move by you just so i can take the route you did!! Thanks for the reply!
  4. Ok, Ok,....truce.. Please I don't want any enemies here. You are right, she was probably busy and I should not have taken it personally. I am just so frustrated! I have been a stay at home mom for 8 years and I am scared I will be making the wrong decision. To claify, it was a nurse, the secretary transferred me to her. And the comment "more flies with honey"...that was my whole point. I was so nice to her, and she came off so rudely. but please accept my apologies Snickerdoodles, I am sorry if I came off rude TO YOU because I am not that kind of person. Lets start over... I want to get into nursing, mental heatlh. I am scared of course, but I think I will do it one step at a time. I am thinking of actually becoming a LPN first, because I know alot of mental health and addiction facilities use LPN's. What are your thoughts? Do you know of any LPN programs in the Oak Lawn, Chicago area? Are you a CNA or have you been a CNA? Can you tell me anything about what they do on the psych floor? What about becoming an LPN, do you think that is a good way to go? Maybe gain some experience as an LPN, gain employment, then go for RN when I am ready. I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Again, I am sorry, and I don't want to get off on the wrong foot with you......I hope I will hear from you soon. I have to learn, especially if I want to be a nurse to get a little more backbone and thicker skin!! Thanks
  5. Thanks for the reply but I would like to say a few things Snickerdoodles, I have had a hell of a time finding out what I need for a mental health tech at palos/christ hospital. Yes i have googled, researched, emailed etc and i get totally different answers. I am raising 2 kids, I don't have room for error (with time or money) and so i didn't want to spend the time and money on a 2 year bachelor degree then work along side someone who took a $650 5 week CNA course that is doing the same work I am. I asked this nurse at palos, very politely what I needed, I figured she works on the unit, she knows. It WOULD HAVE TAKEN HER 3 SECONDS to tell me, yes we have CNA's and also MHT who need Bach. degree...thanks bye. That is all I needed. It took her LONGER to be rude to me...and Iam sorry, but that is where I disagree with you! I am trying to better myself for my children, I am also in the fight of my life, which I don't want to get into because i don't want sympathy, but by that nurse being so rude to me, I literally cried all day. I feel when you work with the public, especially as a nurse, you need to treat everyone with some respect. Who knows, I may one day work alongside this particular person and be her right hand man (woman), because my heart and soul is in mental health. She was once in my shoes and should have remembered that. Please, I am not yelling at you, I just feel this world needs to stop and have compassion for other people, especially other people trying to get into the same field. Half the reason why I am scared to go into nursing is because I will run into rude people such as her. On the other hand, I appreciate your 2 cents and am grateful for it. Actually after you telling me about your friends and the Bach. degree I decided I will not pursue that. I will most likely get my CNA and hopefully work as a CNA (hopefully at palos) in the psych unit while going to nursing school. I really did not mean to come off mean to you and I am sorry if I just did. I know you nurses have to put up with a lot of crap and are very busy, but we all have to start somewhere, just like you veteren nurses did. I want to make sure I am making the right choices and decisions. You said your friend works as an RN at palos in psych, can you possible get some answers for me? Maybe see what the CNA's do as opposed to MHT's. Also, I am taking a 5 week CNA course and would like to apply at palos, do they frequently hire psych cna's? Thank you
  6. yuyu75

    I am so upset...

    I am from a suburb right outside Chicago, IL. I just called my local hospital to see what I needed to become a mental health tech (school wise). The girl they transferred me to was so mean and ignorant, told me i need to "google" what I was looking for then hung up on me! I don't know if I should go to school for mental health nurse or counselor . I want to get an entry level position on a psych floor to get my foot in the door, get experience and at the same time decide which career path i should take. I am having a hard time figuring out what I need to become a mental health tech at a hospital. Do i need my CNA license which is 5 weeks long or do i need to go get my bachelors in psych degree which is 2 years!!! Can anyone help me? Thanks, Linda
  7. I am so upset. I called Palos hospital to speak to someone in their psych unit because I want to know what i needed to gain an entry level employment position (CNA or mental health tech) and the girl who they transferred me to was really rude and ignorant. She made me feel like an idiot and told me I need to "google" the information I was looking for, then hung up on me . I can't believe people are so rude now adays. I am deciding whether I want to be a mental health nurse, or just work as a counselor or something like that. I want an entry level position to get my foot in the door and see which career I would like better. I don't know if I just need my CNA which is a 5 week course, or if I need to get my bachelors degree in Psych. which is 2 years!!! Does anyone know what I need to be a mental health tech? Thanks!
  8. yuyu75

    MHT vs. Mental Health CNA

    I am stuck between returning to school for nursing or mental health counselor. I need an "entry level" job, to kinda get my feet wet and see what I would like. If I got my CNA license, what would I be doing on a inpatient psych hospital unit? Or do I need my bachelors in psychology to be a Mental health tech? (The reason I am asking is some people told me a psych unit CNA is referred to as a Mental Health Tech is this true?) Thanks Linda
  9. Can anyone who is going through the program or has went through the program tell me how hard it is? From the admission process, to the classes, to the clinicals~! thanks
  10. yuyu75

    Psych nursing postions in IL?

    Wow...I am stuck between nursing or social work/psychology. Can you tell me why you are switching from counseling to nursing?
  11. yuyu75

    Psych unit job descriptions

    Thanks so much for the reply. I can probably learn alot from you, You have the best of both worlds...RN and MSW!!! So can you tell me a little bit about the schooling. Which do you think was harder NS or going to school for MSW? Please let me know!
  12. yuyu75

    Psych unit job descriptions

    As a psychiatric nurse, who has more contact with the patients on a floor, the nurses or the social workers? I am deciding between nursing and social work and can't makeup my mind. I guess what I should be asking is, what does a social worker do on the unit? What does a mental health counselor do? What is their role? Also do you have CNA's on your floor, and if so, what is their job like? thanks
  13. Wow...thank you...I couldn't have asked for a better reply...Thank you. You should be so proud of yourself. I hope in a year or two I am in the same "place" (mentally and physically) your are...because it sounds like such a happy place! Thanks
  14. So here we go...this is a long one. I have written on this forum many many times. To the nurses forum, pysciatric nurses forum, first year nurse forum, BUT I don't think i have written to the nursing students, and I probably should have first, because you all are going through this. I am 33 yrs old, female, stay at home mom of 2 kids ages 4 and 8. I received my AA degree in 1995. I want to return to school. I am stuck between nursing and social work. I know I want to work in the mental health field. So either psychiatric/mental health nursing or school social worker. For nursing I would go to the community college by my house and get my Associates in Nursing, only because it is close to my house, cheaper and faster. (We are on a single income, with just my husband working right now). The thing is, I am horrible at science. And I would have to take all the pre-reqs (chemistry, A&P I and II etc.) And I am thin skinned. So I am really scared to become a nurse. But the money and flexiblilty would be great. I love people and am very compassionate. I KNOW in my heart I would make a great nurse, but the schooling may stop me. Everyone I have talked to is telling my the schooling is super super hard. Then when they start clinicals , I have heard horror stories about the nurses on the floors being rude and mean, and the preceptors being mean. Social work on the other hand, I feel the school work would come naturally to me. The only thing is I would need to get my Masters degree, which would take a long time. But i think I would be happier, and feel less pressure...but then I will always wonder "would I have made it as a nurse?" You guys, Ihave been torturing myself and going back and forth between the 2 for years now. I am not kidding. I have talked to acedemic counselors, career counselors, researched the internet, emailed nurses, emailed social workers,,,,I just can't seem to make up my mind. Knowing what you know now, and going through school as we speak, would you change your mind about nursing? Can you guys help me decide? Is nursing school that hard? I feel right now that it would be impossible for me. Sorry about the length, thanks for reading....Please respond.
  15. yuyu75

    Really stuck.....

    Can you tell me what a CNA does in the psych or mental health unit at a hospital or inpatient facility. I am stuck between going back to school for nursing or social work. I need a cna license as a pre-req to get into the nursing program and i absolutly love the mental health field. but i also am thinking about going back to school for social work, i know after i obtain my BSW i can work as a mental health counselor. I am 33 years old and received my AA degree back in 1995, so returning to school is a big step for me! Since you are all psych nurses, I would be so grateful if you could tell me the role of a CNA in your field and the role of a mental health counselor. Also, do you feel nursing would be the better route, or social work. Keep in mind i have 2 young children at home, and i am really bad in science. But i love people, and am very compassionate. thanks everyone...please i want as many responses as possible!:wink2:
  16. yuyu75

    Please Help...You nurses are going to kill me!

    Believe it or not, the counselor said the college goes back TO YOUR HIGH SCHOOL TRANSCRIPTS!! So they would go back to 1993 and look at my GPA through 1995 when I received my AA degree....CRAZY!! Even the adviser said thats nuts, they should really only go back 5 years, but that is the college's policy!! So yeah, i am screwed!