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Quickbeam is a BSN, RN and specializes in Government.

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  1. Why Do Nurses Quit?

    I left a profession that limited my geographic mobility (tight residency restrictions) to retool as a nurse. It was a huge eye opener to go from respect, dignity and an office to being dumped on, ridiculed, hazed and generally abused. After a few hos...
  2. Why Do Nurses Quit?

    You aren’t wrong. I am a career change RN, from a professional Criminal Justice career. Nothing prepared me for the really blue collar, clock punching, massive forced OT and floating exhaustion. I loved patient care but missed any shred of profession...
  3. One thing to consider is an accelerated BSN program. I had a prior degree and went back to school for nursing. I did my pre-reason at night school and then went to an accelerated program for my BSN. If opportunity costs are an issue, it's a great str...
  4. How to deal with a bully patient?

    As a rehab nurse who got floated to unfamiliar units all the time in my clinical career, I can say this thinking accounts for a lot of my horrible experiences.
  5. Why do LPNs only make $40K per year?

    I went to an accelerated nursing program and got my BSN in one (very hard) year. I was a career changer with a BS in another field and could not afford to be out of work for more than 1 year. This was 30 years ago....there are tons of accelerated pro...
  6. I am a nurse case manager. My suggestion would be to mix in some field tasks with the telephonic case management. My company went in that direction and the mix really keeps you in touch with patients.
  7. I was also a career change RN; I left a career with a tight residency requirement that was going to make marriage very difficult. I dreamed of portability and a licensed skill set. I had no idea I was walking into a time clock punching blue collar wo...
  8. In my state there are no easy correctional nursing jobs. I was a PM nurse at a medium-max correctional facility. I was one RN for 700 inmates. I had to dispense from the pharmacy, do all the intakes, see to any emergency, do phlebotomy, exams and tak...
  9. I'm a Boomer. In my mothers time, she literally was not told she had cancer by agreement between the MD and my father. Having seen that first hand, there was no way I was going to allow a paternal approach to my care. We as a generation rose up and t...
  10. What Do You Do When Co-Worker Falls Asleep on Night Shift?

    I was a straight 8 hour full time night nurse for most of my career. I guess my experience varied from others who posted as we always had a bare minimum of staffing. Either as a floor or charge nurse I has zero tolerance for sleeping. It meant someon...
  11. I'd say take the job if offered. You need to look out after you. My first job out of school was on a pediatrics floor starting January 1. We ended up having to move to another state December of that year for my husband's job. My last day was 12/20. I...
  12. I Want to Work Remotely

    I'm a 30 year RN and I do case management. I'd love to work part time (I'm 62) and from home. However the job that I have is rigid on those points. They want 5 days a week in the office at specific times. I make great money and have world class benef...
  13. Making 100k salary/ income?

    I am a salaried RN case manager and I make 100K a year. However I have 30 years of experience. I live in the Midwest in a modest cost region.
  14. Merry Christmas, Little Angel

    Who paid for all this care? Just curious, not snark.
  15. Why Do Nurses Quit?

    I have another one. "No vacation approved from 11/15 to 1/15 every year". I was unable to go home for Christmas even one year during my 20 hospital years. Mandated floating and double shifts. No other profession would put up with this. These are als...