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  1. They pretty much know who they want. UM scholarship.
  2. UM Hospital is very difficult to get into . I apply there every chance I get. Im even a UM alumni! I get a rejection letter everytime!
  3. bluemartian

    any chance a newly license nurse get hire in miami fl

    Been trying for 4 years with the hospitals and nothing
  4. bluemartian

    BRN Survey Response (New grads unhirable)

    I can certainly appreciate where you are coming from. I almost started my own stale grad thread, I am still chasing that ghost after graduating BSN in 2007, I finished a refresher in April 2012 and still nothing. I wish I could speak to someone who could tell me if im just chasing ghosts. If thats the case I'll stop because every application i submit , i feel that i fulfill the definition of insanity. Please help....
  5. bluemartian

    Done With Nursing

    I wanted to elaborate to GitanoRN 's post yes there are other areas of nursing to go to but 98% requires you have 1-5 years of recent bedside exprience otherwise your window of opportunity is very small. Ive been living this for 5 years already , and I have met other nurses in my refresher program who also started in non bedside positions and have had zero success moving into other areas of nursing, (of course unless you know someone).
  6. bluemartian

    Done With Nursing

    I had kind of the same experience as you when I graduated, I was miserable after completing my clinical practicum back in 07, I really felt that I was being set up left and right. I also took the medical device/ pharma option, it worked for me for a couple of years, if you do choose this option you need to be sales oriented or have had sales experience. Its exciting , lucrative, and hard to get into. After realizing that not all floors are predatory towards students and graduates, I attempted to get back into the clinical side back in 2009, since then Ive taken a refresher clinical practicum, BLS , ACLS, 12 lead EKG, and Phlebotomy and still today I get rejection letters, moving is not an option as I have wife ,kids rooted in my area , but my area is known to be over saturated with nurses period. If I could share with you one word of advice, I would highly suggest you get your 6months- 1 year floor experience and if its still not what you expected , then at least you can move into a clinical support sales position easier, otherwise you'll be in this disconnected BSN -RN position without bedside experience and you will have a hard time getting a foot in the door and explaining to recruiting managers why you went into sales instead of nursing AND if for whatever reason the sales gig dries up( and it happens, unrealistic sales goals, lost clients, backorders, ) these things happen. Best of luck to you in whatever decision you take.
  7. bluemartian

    Hepatitis C: More Widespread Than HIV And AIDS

    My mother had contracted HCV in a cath lab. Unfortunately she was not a candidate for the therapy she lived for 18 years with it primarily alternative medicine and vegetarian lifestyle , she consequently passed away from liver failure a few months ago RIP.
  8. bluemartian

    Relocating to South Florida

    Its tough here, too a medsurg refresher and acls thought it would help ,guess what. It didnt
  9. bluemartian

    Is my RN career ruined?

    I feel like in in the same boat, I just completed a nurse refresher clinical practicum and got my ACLS , Ive applied to most of the hospitals in my area and still either rejection letter or no reply.
  10. bluemartian

    Advice from someone who hires

    This has been a most informative thread, and I want to thank everyone in hiring capacities for their advice. I have been a graduated nurse RN BSN since 2007. I did not go into nursing immediately after graduating nursing school, i ended up taking up a clinical support position in medical device due to previous customer service background, long story short the the economy tanks late 2008, new grad and residency programs drop off the map. I continually send in applications and receive rejection letters. I finally get to speak to a live recruiter who advises me to register for a nurse refresher program which I finally was able to successfully complete. I was also infomred my not going into clinical nursing sends up a red flag. So I send out the same applications now with the refresher certification, add in ACLS, BLS, I still get rejected. I feel that I will need to build up my resume with more certifications such as 12-lead EKG, EKG interpretation, IV therapy, all at my expense to show my passion for nursing. I would be willing to continue to take clinical practicums at my expense until they equal the equivalent of 1 year experience. Any advice for this anomaly of a situation would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your kind attention.
  11. bluemartian

    I just suck at sticking people.

    Maybe you need glasses, or a different prescription, I had trouble doing sticks because I never had a vision problem until my late 30's and 40s, so I would get stressed out when I couldnt do the needle stick, wish I had known that then, I could have been a great nurse...
  12. bluemartian

    Will nursing grow on me?

    I kind of felt the same as you in nursing school,I went to the "U". I was in my 3rd semester when i realized that it was not 100% for me. At that point quiting was not an option, 2nd career , loans etc.Graduated BSN, licensed I did take that clincal knowledge and apply it to medical sales and it has worked for me thus far.There are many of us in medial device, pharmaceutical and bio-tech. You would be amazed how many sales people with business degree think they are clinicians. I would suggest that you do get some clincal experience under your belt as it always gives you a strong resume wherever you decide to go.
  13. bluemartian

    Anyone start their career late in Life?

    I just wished the windows of opportunity are available for new nurses over 40.
  14. bluemartian

    Fl. educated nurses

    1. University of Miami 2007 2. BSN 3. Saunders NCLEX Review 4. 1 time
  15. bluemartian

    Care to Share Your Study Techniques and Tips?

    Yes it did
  16. bluemartian

    Care to Share Your Study Techniques and Tips?

    What helped me immensely was recording the lecture (if your professor allows), read the book and powerpoints. Study at the same time each day whenever possible . I never joined study groups , I always found them to slow me down. And i would take a vitamin supplement called Focus factor, that helped me alot. I always kept those laminated quick reference guides around just to learn from a different prospective. Getting an NCLEX prep book wouldnt hurt since it teaches you to think in NCLEX. Best of luck