A Tribute to Nurses Through Time


This is a video with some great pictures of nurses through the ages. A good look at where we have come from. Nurses have rocked for many years......they just didn't know it.


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Awww. This is a great video. Thanks for sharing. ?


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Glad you liked it.

MahzieLPN, LPN

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Lovely, simply lovely. Thank you so much.


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It has been a Western Adoption that RN's or "nurses" are Female with CAPS. I really wish this video was a more forthright explanation of Nursing in general. Men were Priests, Monks, Crusader men, Medics, Corpsman and performed Nursing Duties throughout History. America has adopted it as a feminist profession. Men are being welcomed with open arms in Western Practice but we still need to remember our origins in whole.

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Thanks so much for posting this. A lovely tribute during nurse's week.

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Thanks tn. We need to know where we come from to know where we are going. ?


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PRICELESS!!! Thank you!!!

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Thank you so much! :nurse:

Joshie, you are correct and I can understand the frustration that comes from being pigeonholed for your gender in a profession that has been marketed as "female" for what seems like forever. All nurses, despite gender definition, are celebrated this week. Great video and great point ?


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Absolutely beautiful-thank you for doing this!