Hello from Italy

  1. 0 Hello I am Alessandro from Italy.
    Excuse me for some wrong way of write, is many time I don't speak and write in your language.
    I'm a italian RN with many experience in emergency and mountain rescue, now I am a psychiatric nurse in Trieste north-east of Italy near Slovenia.
    The first time a Italian write into your forum?
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    Welcome from Australia. Don't worry about your language if we don't understand we will ask - no problems. We have nurses from all over the world looking in on this forum!!!
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    Greetings from the USA. There are people from all over the world who post here. Welcome!
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    Hiya and a warm welcome to you!
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    I am looking for some notice about continous eduationals system program for RN in your state.
    Do you use it?
    We have a point system, we need 50 point in a year, and in every event they give a certificate with some point.
    It's a new system and there are some chaos.
    We don't know well what we will do whit point.

    bye Alessandro
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    We don't have continuous education but we must attest each year that we are working ot improve knowledge and skills and are audited regularly.
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    Buon giorno, and nice to see an Italian on the forum!
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    Welcome from the Far East............................

    (I am actually an American RN living and working in Bangkok)
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    Welcome! I was lucky enough to visit your beautiful country last December. Here in Oklahoma, we do not currently have to have continuing education. But other states do.
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    HI! Welcome to All Nurses!

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