Would You Go To Haiti To Help?????

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    I have two questions:

    1. Can nurses volunteer to go to countries where natural disasters occurred to help?? If so how??

    2. If you could, would you go to Haiti to help???

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    1) I don't know but I suspect you can.

    2) I absolutely would.
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    You know? my first thought was "I need to go to Haiti and help those people." but then I took a step back and really evaluated that thought and decided it's not a good plan for me. Haiti is a bad place to be on a good day. With no working govt, no infrastructure, no electricity,water, phone,food and medical care, I expect that things are deteriorating rapidly. Even if the UN and the US move in immediately, a lot of people are going to get sick, a lot of people are going to die and I believe that there will be anarchy in the streets. You saw how bad it was after Hurricane Katrina--that's going to be nothing compared to what we're going to see in Haiti. When the vast majority of the country was already marginalized and many people are simply subsisting day to day and suddenly they find themselves in hell, you've got people who have nothing to lose. Violence is such a common occurence there that it hardly raises eyebrows. No thanks.

    I'll be happy to give money to those US organizations that i know are legitimate. But I will not put myself in harms way. I have obligations to my family, two of whom are disabled. If I were to go to Haiti and suffer violence to my person, who would take care of my loved ones? It seems irresponsible for me to even consider going down there. My hats off to anyone who thinks otherwise. But until the country can be made safe for aid workers, I wouldn't step foot in there.
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    I suppose you can, I think they're moving these to the volunteer forum. However, I'm not sure why you would want to go. Haiti is dangerous, plus, I hate to say it but by the time you get there the people who are dying now will be dead already so there won't be much you can do. Instead of using your skills they'll probably try to get you to dig a water trench or something.
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    1,500 Nurses Volunteer for Haitian Relief Effort in Less Than 24 Hours

    January 14, 2010

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    I asked myself that same question and decided that I would... I registered with RNRN organization and their website is: http://www.calnurses.org/. Go there and you can read articles and get updates on nurses volunteering and relief efforts. There are currently 4500 RNs who have volunteered to go and hopefully everyone has that chance to make a difference. I myself am a new grad nurse and was excited when they said that they were going to take in New grads, what a great oppotunity for us to learn!

    Here is more info on how to follow them, register and contact them:
    Those able to support the efforts of these nurses can get involved via:

    • www.NationalNursesUnited.org – sign up to volunteer or donate

    • @NationalNurses on twitter or by following: #haitiRN

    • Call the RNRN hotline: 1-800-578-8225

    • Support the RNRN/NNU disaster relief effort in Haiti by sending checks c/o California Nurses Foundation, 2000 Franklin St., Oakland, CA 94612. Charitable contributions will be used to pay for travel/related costs and medical supplies for volunteer RNs on their emergency nursing mission in Haiti.

    Hope it helped!
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    Many humanitarian aid organizations will support you in going to disaster areas.
    The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Society has a long list of signatories on it's code of conduct. Those are usually the best ones to go to.

    Charity Navigator has an excellent site which shows quality non-profit organizations to know which ones are using your donations the best. I only donate to 4-star charities since I know firsthand how difficult it is to achieve that rating.

    One thing you should NOT do is simply pick up and go there yourself.

    A lot of people did that during Katrina and it ended up making a big mess, there was a great deal of chaos ensuing because of this problem.

    You should definitely be affiliated with an organization before you go so that you can have them to back you up if something happens.
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    I have been thinking about it constantly as I watch the news coverage. For me I cannot go because I just had a newborn baby and I am needed here...if not I would go. I understand the dangers, and just like people who join the military you take the risk for the better good, you think not only of yourself but of those that you help, it really is a different mind set and some people are better meant to stay at home and support others by keeping everyone in America well...others are meant to go and help in countries like Haiti.
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    One of the nurses I work with just posted this to her facebook:
    American Airlines will transport any doctor or nurse to Haiti free of charge, call +1212-697-9767+1. please help spread the word! Copy and paste into your status. (I would probably check to see what innoculations you would need!)

    However I wonder if that includes a trip back home as well. I know some of my coworkers are talking of going now. I'm still waiting on my paperwork from the state to take my NCLEX.
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    Although Haiti has been left in the dark for many years now, Haiti is still a country that has its struggles, just like any other country. However, the people of this country has learned to adjust to to the severe, and often threatening conditions in which they live, it takes courage and strength to go through what some of these people are going through now. Unlike you or I, the people of Haiti doesn't have the choice to say "It's too dangerous to help another brother or sister who is need"...these people are not nurses but they still fight for health and vitality. As a nurse, i commit myself to promoting health on the day-to-day bases, my life is in just as much danger as it would be in any other setting. And as a nurse, I'll pledge to share my gift with those who are not as fortunate. Making a difference starts with one person.
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