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Hi everyone, I was just accepted into BSN program at West Coast University in Dallas TX for fall 2012. Has anyone graduated from this school? If so, was your experience positive or negative? Are... Read More

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    Hello I have a few questions about WCU in Dallas. Is the application process a long process, and about how long before you receive your acceptance letter. Secondly are all those pre-requisites listed above required before becoming a nursing student. I have English, Speech and Psychology 1&2 that Ive taken in the past at DCCCD. Can you take 2 pre-reqs at one time or is 1 every 9weeks. May I also ask what is the schedule for the BSN class starting in January 2013? My last question is the financial aid process. If you are eligible to receive aid, do the issue out disburstments like the community colleges do? Thsnk you all for taking the time to read this and answering my questions. I hope to be a WCU Student this term. Thanks

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    Hello Huntress may I ask how was you and your sisters enrollment process. Did they mention the pre-reqs or talk about financial aid. Thanks
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    hello mphillips have you found out any info about wcu anything will be helpful. thanks
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    At the time I applied (May 2012) there was not a waiting list - first come, first serve.

    They are filling up fast, so if you are thinking about it - at least attend an information session and/or tour. I see them giving tours almost everyday. I spoke as a student guest speaker at the last orientation and there was 40-50 people.

    I take my Fundamentals final on Monday.

    All clinicals are scheduled within 50 miles of the school, including VA. I know that they are working to try to get us in other hospitals, including Parkland.......I still haven't gotten my official assignment location, just day for clinicals starting the first week in Feb.

    Because of the accelerated pace of the term, they won't let you take more than 2 classes at a time.

    All students start at different levels, so the schedules are different for everyone.

    Yes, you can apply for financial aid - they are very good about helping you through that process. Payments go directly to the school.

    Hope it helps!

    You can email me directly at trenadamm@sbcglobal.net if you want more info.
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    Hi guys!! I am actually curious how all of you are doing at west coast?? I had applied a year ago but wanted to finish some pre Reqs. I then got into ITT nursing program and started that! Boy let me tell you WHAT A JOKE!!! Don't know what I was thinking!! I am scheduled to fill out paperwork at west coast on Monday for transfer! They seem to think even some of my nursing classify transfer. I highly doubt it due to ITT being a horrible school but we can only hope for the best! Anyways..... I was just curious how you all are liking the program over there?? How is the curriculum and the instructors?? Just curious and any of your advice and insight would be appreciated 😊😊
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    Hey!! I have applied and am attending an info session on Friday. I do have all pre req's finished and was wondering if anyone is working part-time while taking only the nursing classes? How much free time do you have available to work and study? At least part-time.
    And how much was tuition for only the nursing courses? And how long was the program?
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    How much is tuition?

    Matthew Andrew, BSN RN
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    Quote from matthewandrew
    How much is tuition?
    I am fairly certain that the tuition is greater than $100k just like the campuses in southern California. However, prospective and current students will be claiming to be getting 'discounts' through prerequisite course transfers, 'free' supplies and other gimmicks.
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    100k give or take? Are they serious? I hope students aren't that desperate... I hope it's a BSN + MD program with that price!

    Matthew Andrew, BSN RN
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    I graduate from the Dallas Campus in late August - my tuition was around $64k including all books, uniforms, ATI Platinum fees, NCLEX fee (1x), BLS & ACLS Certs. I transferred in most pre-reqs. I know it has gone up, but not to $100k. Remember that the cost of living is much higher in California than Texas.

    I am not sure what "gimmicks" you are referring to? I did save money with my transfers from Community College but everything else is included in tuition. If you don't use the book voucher money, you get it back. I rented some of my books, so I saved indirectly this way as well.

    Remember that WCU is a for profit business, so it will cost more. The other side of that is no wait list and no jumping through hoops to get in. There is a high expectation on graduates. I have seen many students fail, drop, repeat classes, so just because it is easier to get it, does not mean it is easy to graduate. Keep in mind that a for profit business is about money and they don't make this money without students and you don't get students without pass rates. Right now we are at a 100% pass rate, yes only 10 have taken it (we graduate students each 10 weeks - our first class graduated in January). This is not such a bad thing when you take everything into consideration.

    I would love to see an apples to apples comparison of ALL costs associated with WCU and other accelerated or even traditional BSN programs in the area. I bet if you factor it all it, you will see it's really not as big of gap as you think.

    If anyone would like to know more about the campus and how the classes work, please contact someone who has attended.

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