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Hey guys! I have applied for the Spring 2010 Accelerated Bachelors degree at UTMB and had some questions for people that are currently enrolled in the program or are applying to the program as well.... Read More

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    For the Bacc2 program you will probably go to campus about 3 times a week at the beginning of the semester and then about once a week once clinicals have started. They try to place students at hospitals close to where they live, but it depends on what is available. For the traditional program you will go to class about 3 times a week and have clinicals close to where you live. Hope this helps.

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    Hey everyone,

    I am applying for the Spring 2011 Bacc2 program at UTMB. I have received conflicting reports as to whether Bacc2 applicants have to take the TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) and was wondering if any of you could help out. Thanks so much and good luck to everyone!
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    i wondered the same thing about the teas so i emailed the school. below is the response i received from the recruitment coordinator/preadmission advisor:

    "the teas exam is required for the traditional bsn program only. applications are not automatically rolled into the traditional if not accepted into the bacc2. if you feel you might not be competitive for the bacc2 program, i recommend you take the teas exam in case the admissions committee elects to include your application in the traditional applicant pool.

    letters of recommendation are not required for the bsn applicants."
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    Need advice please. I have been accepted into both the Generic and Bacc2 program. I can't decide what will be the best option. For those who are in the Bacc2 program, is it manageable?
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    Hi guys, just joined this site and i just applied to utmb for the bacc2 program in spring. what kind of questions did they ask you guys at the interview?
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    How did your BACC2 program go? I am about to start in January!
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