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  1. beebers

    Baylor CRNA Program for January 2016

    I guess it's pretty safe to say all the decisions have been made, huh? I didn't hear anything either. Sad...
  2. beebers

    Spring 2011 UT Health Sciences Nursing Hopefuls

    I had problems over the summer at the North Harris campus. At that time, I requested them to send them once grades were posted and it took them 3 weeks to process the request. I ended up have to submit a second request to send them immediately. This semester, they told my best bet is to come in first thing on Jan 3rd and pick them up in person because they were already back logged at the beginning of December with requests to be processed once grades were posted. I was hoping that all my grades would post before their offices closed, but I wasn't that lucky. So come Jan 3rd, I'm gonna pick up the transcripts myself, drive them down to UT, and have them process them right away and I'll go ahead and register at the same time if they'll allow me.
  3. beebers

    UTMB BACC2 Spring 2011

    MT56, What part of Houston do you live? I'm up north in Spring. If I get in, I'll probably be making the commute as well. Maybe we could carpool...
  4. beebers

    UTMB BACC2 Spring 2011

    I have a 3.9 overall with the nursing prerequisites, 4.0 in the science prereqs, and 3.5 undergrad gpa. I'm finishing up 4 prereqs this summer and have my last 2 classes this fall, and I'm getting EMT-B certified this fall as well. I work in a hospital, but its mainly handling medical equipment. Not much patient interaction, clinically. I have volunteered a little at a local nursing home. I'm gonna try to get back into the volunteering once fall semester starts up. Four classes this summer and full-time work took away from that. I was worried about how competitive I was so I took the TEAS just in case to be considered for the traditional should I not get into BACC2. Got a 91 overall on it; Reading 85, Math 93, Sciences 87, English 96.
  5. beebers

    UTMB BACC2 Spring 2011

    Just curious...Anyone see a change in their admission status yet? Mine still says "pending". I'm trying my best to be patient, but this waiting is nerve-wracking? My hope is that I'll see something next month. Anyone know how many people they accept for the BACC2 program?
  6. beebers

    Should I Add a Class?!

    I too have been playing around with my schedule for this fall semester. I'm taking Microbiology w/ lab, Statistics, and EMT-Basic with Clinicals - 13 credit hours total. With this schedule, this puts me in class 4 days a week - MW 8:00-12:30 and TTH 9:00-12:00. I also work full-time 40 hours/week. Will I be able to manage this schedule or should I drop EMT? I went through the CNA vs EMT debate and EMT seems a bit more up my alley. It sounds interesting, would give me a little clinical exposure prior to nursing school, and might be helpful later because I might pursue flight nursing once I have my RN. What do you guys think?
  7. beebers

    UTMB BACC2 Spring 2011

    Hi All - Just wanted to chime in. I too have applied for the BACC2. Taking 4 prereqs this summer, and have my last 2 in the fall. I saw on another thread that we should here back regarding interviews at the middle of this month until September. Not sure if that applies for both the accelerated and traditional programs. For those who get in, are you going to be moving down to Galveston? Anyone planning to commute from the Houston area? Just curious. Either way....good luck everyone!!
  8. beebers

    Spring 2011 UT Health Sciences Nursing Hopefuls

    NAM123 - I don't remember too much about the AP portion, but the vocab from the HESI study guide was spot on for me. I took the HESI at the end of June just after taking the TEAS, so the TEAS study guide really helped me prepare for the AP portion. I took so many practice exams...each timed. This helped me stay under time during the HESI, and even go back to recheck my answers.
  9. beebers

    Spring 2011 UT Health Sciences Nursing Hopefuls

    ok...so i just received my transcript evaluation this week...i took american government and intro to philosophy back in ohio over 10 years ago. they're both 3 credit courses, but UT is only giving me 2 credits for each one. anyone know why? i'm planning to call them next week to ask, but anyone else run into this when your transcripts were evaluated? does this mean i have to repeat these??
  10. beebers

    Spring 2011 UT Health Sciences Nursing Hopefuls

    Hi All - Hope these aren't dumb questions, but I'm filling out my application. For the post-secondary institution section, there are darkened fields that are labeled as required information-degree, date of degree, subject of study, etc. I see that we're supposed to use the pdfs with the codes. For the schools that I attended just to complete my prereqs, do I put "none" for degree? The pdf has "--" list for this but the form won't let me type in those characters. What about the "Date of Degree" field? Do I just leave these fields blank or fill the date area in with zeros? Do they absolutely need some kind of information there? I just wanted to make sure I was filling this information in correctly....
  11. beebers

    Uthsc-houston hopefuls spring/summer 20011

    With UT houston, are you allowed to apply to both the traditional and accelerated programs? I am looking into the same programs as you are. Have you heard anything about the difference in the programs? Which is better? I was kind of worried about the accelerated program being mostly online. I am having trouble deciding what to do... any thoughts??
  12. beebers

    University of Texas (Houston)

    MBARN - Could you tell me a little bit more about your experience in UT-houston's accelerated program. I'm in the process of filling out my application and am deciding if I should apply to the accelerated program or the traditional one. They both end at the same time. Traditional is 4 semesters starting in the spring while as you know the accelerated starts in the summer and ends in the spring. How manageable is the program with it being mostly online? Are clinicals one on one as I've read in this forum? Did you feel that you were able to learn all you needed with how fast-paced the program is? Any feedback you could provide would be most appreciated. TO ALL - Anyone out there, have any thoughts on the traditional program? Are you able to work at all while in the program? What is the student:instructor ratio for clinicals? How often are you on campus for classes?
  13. beebers

    Spring 2011 UT Health Sciences Nursing Hopefuls

    Question for all of you...I'm debating between applying for UT-Houston's traditional program and their accelerated program. I know that the accelerated program is 12 months online. How long is the traditional program? The website says 4 consecutive semesters. However, it also says 21 months. How does 4 semesters come out to 21 months? Am I getting my information mixed up? I thought the traditional would be around 15 months or so... Anyone out there hear any feedback about the 12 month online program? Which would you choose? I'm a career changer with a BA degree. I'd like to finish as quick as possible, but I'm hesitant about an all online program except for clinicals. Any thoughts??
  14. beebers

    UTMB Accelerated Spring 2010

    piggyland12, i wondered the same thing about the teas so i emailed the school. below is the response i received from the recruitment coordinator/preadmission advisor: "the teas exam is required for the traditional bsn program only. applications are not automatically rolled into the traditional if not accepted into the bacc2. if you feel you might not be competitive for the bacc2 program, i recommend you take the teas exam in case the admissions committee elects to include your application in the traditional applicant pool. letters of recommendation are not required for the bsn applicants."

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