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Hello!:yeah: I know it's pretty early to be starting this forum, but I just wanted to put my voice out there and see if there is anyone else out there hoping to join TWU's nursing program in the... Read More

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    I just finished Patho. It's hard. The book is 1800 pages and I have 120 typed pages of notes. Different teachers teach differently, so I can't give specific advice.
    Take it before you start nursing school. At our orientation they were pushing anyone who hasn't already taken it to take it over the summer. It will make J1 semester a lot less of a nightmare, because we have Pharmacology during J1, too. Patho was really hard and in order to get an A you have to devote a lot of time and undivided attention to studying.
    That being said, I will add that half of our Patho class thinned out on or about March 29th. The ones who weren't going to get a good grade and/or the ones who didn't get accepted.

    Take Patho during your "in-between" semester if you are reasonably confident about getting in.
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    Hi all
    i just applied to TWU today, i also sent my teas v score today. i have a question, pls can patho from community college transfer to university.
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    hi all, pls does sociology stand for multicultural studies.
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    Patho has to come from an accredited university if you took it somewhere else. It won't transfer from a community college because it is a 400 level class. Sociology and Multicultural Studies is not the same thing either I don't think. They might be able to count one of your sociology classes as a Multicultural class but you need intro to sociology and a multicultural class separtate.
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    Hey guys!

    I am applying for Spring 2013 admissions to Dallas as well. I'm sure I am stressing out just like all of the rest of you. During the summer I am taking Chemistry and my performing arts class. I wish it were a little more clear cut on what it actually takes to get in to the program. Right now my GPA is a 3.75 with A's on first attempts in all except Statistics. I hoping the B in statistics doesn't hurt me too bad! Best of luck to all of you on the admissions process.
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    Unfortunately it can't. It has to be patho from a upper division. Collin College, for exemple, offers both, but to register to the upper division one you have to be selected by their nursing program.
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    It seems you are a great candidate. How was the TEAS? Good luck!
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    me too
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    I am taking Patho in fall at Denton campus as well. I am also hoping to find or form a study group. They say the average for the TEAS has been 72. Many people are being able to do way more (90+). I did 82. The advisor said we need to get 80+ to be on a competitive range.
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    Thnks, i think i am going to take patho at houston campus then. The teas v was quite challenging, but all thesame i made 84. i wish u goodluck also.

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