RN salary/pay in Dallas area

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    Howdy all,
    My wife is just finishing up her first year as a RN.

    We are thinking of relocating to Dallas, TX area. By the time we relocate she will have at least 3yrs as an RN. I was wondering if anyone out there would know or have idea of what an RN with (by the time we move) at least 3yrs experience could expect to make/get paid?? I know that base pay and total salary differ however what would the hourly wage be? Right now she makes $23 an hour.


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    I work as a new grad and I make 21.50. With three years experience she should make at least 23. I work for a hospital system that is known for being at the low end of the pay spectrum btw (it has many more perks to make up for it though). If you want a really good idea check out Parkland Hospitals website. The pretty much set the standard for DFW,
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    Moved to the Texas Nurses forum for more replies.

    By the way, most Dallas-area hospitals would pay your wife between $24.50 and $25 per hour with 3 years of experience. She could earn much more if she opted to work at a rehabilitation hospital or LTAC style hospital.
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    Should a RN after completing thier first year of Nursing, Resign and look for another job with higher pay?

    Just use thier first job as a stepping stone in order to get a better job with higher pay?
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    Where exactly is the North Texas Forum located? Thanks,
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    What is a LTAC style hospital?
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    Quote from daisy87
    What is a LTAC style hospital?
    LTAC = Long Term Acute Care

    Basically, these hospitals have many ventilator patients, tracheostomies, s/p respiratory failure, s/p CVAs, feeding tubes, TPN, comatose patients, etc.
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    Quote from retrvrman
    Where exactly is the North Texas Forum located? Thanks,
    There isnt one just for North Texas...just Texas under the "region" tab at the top
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    what is the typical pay rate for a RN doing home health visits in the dallas area (hourly or per visit rates)?
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    I am from Michigan & just finished my very first travel contract (in NYC). After that terrible experience with horrid nurse patient ratios (in the ED) of no less than 9 patients & being ripped of continually by my agency (begins with an Ll...), I am back in MI, recalling why I felt the need to travel out of here.

    I have a very good friend that moved to the Dallas area a few years ago and has supplied me with a lot of information in order to get me to move there. The only thing I cannot find is the average rate of pay for certified ER nurses in the area. Also, is there a real need?

    I am visiting my friend for a couple of weeks around the end of this month and would like to set up interviews during that time. Any suggestions on good and bad hospitals in the Dallas area?


    Oh, by the way, is the area dog friendly? I breed and show big dogs that are acclimated to colder weather so I do not want to keep them as outdoor dogs.

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