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Hi Everyone :) Just wanted to start a thread for everyone that's applied to the Navarro College ADN-RN program starting Fall 2012. Figured we needed a place to post, ask each other questions etc. while waiting on our... Read More

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    Well, the deadline to register is August 17, sooooo you can register now to see how much you'll need (I'd bet its around $50 - $100 less just because you're in district).

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    Thanks for the info Tim
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    My total due ( not including books ) is only 663..... I checked and all 3 classes are registered for... Note that I am in county.
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    I need to move into the county!!!!!!!!! lol Silly fees...:P
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    Well, I passed my psych final with a 94 now- 10 days of relaxation before mini mester - college algebra yayyyy (sarcastic yay lol) are any of y'all taking CPR at Navarro Corsicana on the 19th?? I hope it's more exciting than the last CPR class I took- it was WAY too repetitive..." 30 compressions, 2 breaths".... 7 hours later.... Um I think we got it LoL
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    delete post- found the answer
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    For informational purposes only Hope y'all had a good weekend!!
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    Are any of you guys applying for UT Arlington? They have 2 programs (RN-BSN and Professional Pathways Program, which are very similar) that you can work towards a BSN with while in Navarro's ADN program. I just applied, and I'm gonna try to finish all general BSN courses. I thought I'd mention it for you ladies who have kiddos and who can't drive across Texas to get a BSN (it's also A TON cheaper than other options, and financial aid helps even more).
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    Hi Tim. My plan was to get my BSN online through UTA immediately after graduation/passing the NCLEX. The RN-BSN program admission requirements involves having RN licencure. The professional nursing pathways program requires ADN graduation. You have already applied? You must know something that I do not do tell... Please
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    Hey Red. You are right about the RN-BSN program and the Professional Nursing Pathway. The Professional Nursing pathway, which allows you to start the BSN 8 weeks after ADN graduation (allowing you to get a job in that time period as a nurse and hopefully getting your hospital to pay for the BSN Nursing courses and expenses...reimbursing).

    The RN-BSN program also requires anywhere from 1-3 electives, which is $771.00 extra just for each course. Coursework will take a definite 13 months for the RN-BSN (which isn't bad really, due to them already having it fixed for you). All in all it just depends on how the person for which program is best.

    I'd like to also point out that it would be cheaper to take the general courses at Navarro. :P University of Texas at Arlington Academic Partnerships

    I talked to an advisor at UT Arlington who told me to first apply and get accepted to the college (It's obvious, I know. haha). Then, after they get your transcripts and tell you what classes transfer (most if not all should), you take any general courses you can and then apply to the program after you graduate. You can apply and be accepted into these programs while in the ADN Program.

    UTA seems like the best option for me, but if any of you guys wants another route, such as RN-MSN through Texas Tech (would help you get a step closer to becoming a Nurse Practitioner). There are a lot of good options and different schools to choose from. I hope this has helped.

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