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RED1984 has 6 years experience as a BSN, RN, EMT-P and specializes in ER / Critical Care.

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  1. RED1984

    PVT: Question of Character?

    When I did the "trick" I did NOT put any credit card info in. All you do is attempt to re-register for the exam and an error message comes up. There is no credit card info needed. There are bigger problems in this world.... Un-ruffle those feathers
  2. RED1984

    Second guessing myself....

    That's the thing (but clearly no excuse on my part) the patient had not a dime to her name (apparently) and could not even buy OTC ibuprofen... I believed her and felt sorry for her- she wasn't one of those decked out iPhone holding Gucci purse bling wearing people you see at the grocery store using their food stamp card. She appeared to be poor and in pain. Our NP was insensitive and wouldn't even order ibuprofen to be administered, she just wrote the prescriptions to be filled. I have definitely learned from this experience as it has caused me a significant amount of personal questioning and grief over my lapse in good judgement. Guess it's time to put my game face forward and be "the jaded nurse" again.
  3. RED1984

    How do you wash your scrubs?

    Separately. Scrubs and jacket come off in the garage and go into dedicated laundry hamper. Scrubs and jackets get washed together in warm water with regular detergent and fabric softeners. I've also used color safe bleach a few times in the loads following some pretty gruesome shifts :/
  4. RED1984

    Second guessing myself....

    Hi Jules, I DO realize that it is not in my scope to dispense meds, it was a total lapse in judgement and a mistake I will not make again. When I worked med-surg, we would give the patients any of the inhalers or creams that they had been using. In the ED we can also give the bactroban or silvadene creams that we open for the patient to them when they leave. At night sometimes, we (the RN) dispenses a 8pk of Tylenol 4s to hold the patient's pain over until a pharmacy opens- the T4s are ordered by the doc as a nursing order... I'm definitely going to look into if all this is legit or not. I know that me giving a recently discharged patient some ibuprofen (or anything for that matter) is not ok though and will NEVER do that again...
  5. RED1984

    Second guessing myself....

    Thank you ALL for your input. This was in the emergency department at a small hospital. We don't contact social workers is people say they can't afford meds, the local grocery store pharmacy provides antibiotics free for those without insurance.
  6. RED1984

    Second guessing myself....

    I could lose my job. Jobs are not guaranteed and if my director feels like it's worth terminating me then ya I'll lose my job. Honestly I'd be devastated as I LOVE MY JOB and enjoy going to work... I'm an honest person and that's why I want to tell her what happened- even if it puts my job on the line.
  7. RED1984

    Second guessing myself....

    An adult patient I discharged today was given prescriptions that she flat out told me she couldn't afford... One of the prescriptions was 600mg ibuprofen PO q6h PRN pain control. I discharged her, she signed the paperwork and I charted her out of the computer system. She was waiting to sign out at the register (billing papers) and I felt bad that she couldn't even afford ibuprofen and it looked like she was in pain, I looked in my backpack and I had 3 200mg ibuprofen (generic in original container) and I walked up to the register where she was and told her that she could have my ibuprofen and gave her the bottle with the 3 pills inside. Even though ibuprofen is OTC medicine, I now think (that I've thought about it) that I was in the wrong for giving it to her and that I could be in trouble with my employer and the state board. I am planning on telling my director what happened tomorrow, I feel like me telling her exactly what I did and why will make me feel better about the situation. Nobody will ever know it happened if I don't say anything, but I think I should self report it. Thoughts?
  8. RED1984

    RISK FOR diagnosis

    It was transferable to the college I completed my ADN at. Was it harder than on campus? I couldn't tell ya I only did it online. I didn't find it very challenging at all, but I also took it over 4 years ago- instructors and syllabi may have changed. It is also a very expensive university- if money is an issue, I'd do it at a community college.
  9. Yes, we followed a schedule. Assignments were posted weekly. Tests posted at pre determined times as well.
  10. RED1984

    Western Governors University (WGN)

    I think ohio u has residency stipulations....
  11. RED1984

    Spring 2014 Navarro College

    Experience all around has been great. Stay flexible, as the calendar changes ... And there was some disorganization but hopefully those issues have been rectified :) I personally liked all (but two) of the instructors and found them to be open to comments/concerns.
  12. RED1984

    Spring 2014 Navarro College

    Hi guys :) I'm graduating from the NC ADN program next week.... Just an FYI- when I was accepted, the email that Ms S sent had like 13 attachments and it never came through to my phone email LOL so make sure to check from a computer. Best of luck to you all!!! Waiting is the worst!
  13. RED1984

    Western Governors University (WGN)

    Search AN... there are TONS of threads about WGU. There is also a FB group, just search :)
  14. RED1984

    Parkland ER Residency July 2014

    If you're an RN, can you work as a tech? I didn't think that was an option once you're licensed....
  15. In our program, we do validations in Lab practice and have to pass. Then, at clinical rotations, our instructor "checks us off" once and we are able to pass meds from that point on- usually under direct supervision of your assigned RN. Some RNs have more trust in you and let you pass meds without them in the room, but some directly supervise. When I become an RN I'd personally directly supervise.....
  16. RED1984

    Marshall University rn-bsn

    Ohio university doesn't accept Texas residents. They only have 4-5 states that they enroll.

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