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  1. Hi there,
    I am a RN in Fla and have been for about 9 yrs. I want to relocate to Dallas but I have not gotten not even a phone call. I do not have any disbarging remarks on my references. It seems like it is not like it used to be where you put in an application and you would start working fairly soon. I am working part time now from home but want something full time and have a potential interview within my state but It appears that when I apply for positions in Texas they do not respond or they have stated I do not meet basic qualifications--Which I do meet--the qualifications are simple. I am not even hearing back from several in my state...has me concerned. I have never been through this.

    I would like a non clinical job my ideal role would be performance improvement or infection control practioner--I have not worked in these roles exclusively but I know in my heart I have seen so much poor care on the front lines or have seen mismangement to nurses and I want to be that catalyst to make a difference behind the scenes

    The job I am currently in is very easy and I want something that makes my heart leap and I thoroughly enjoy. I know with the economy we should be thankful we have a job,but I really want to relocate. Is Texas that tough of a state that they don't give out of state nurses a chance??? Any advice would be great..:heartbeat

    I am not sure what is going on???
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from Chica_bella813
    I am not sure what is going on???
    Here's what's going on...

    Many people from out of state are moving to Texas in search of nursing jobs, which is saturating the local nursing job market. Many people are changing their majors to nursing because they think it is recession proof, which is saturating the local nursing job market. Many older nurses are delaying their retirement and continuing to work, which is saturating the local job market. All of this adds up to an overly saturated nursing job market in the major metro areas of Texas.

    Also, there are at least 20 nursing schools in and around the Dallas area, so there's no shortage of nurses to fill the very few job openings around here.


    FORT WORTH, Texas — A few years ago, hospitals were offering nurses $10,000 signing bonuses, loan payoffs, even cars as incentives to battle a nursing shortage in Texas.

    Today, some nursing school graduates consider themselves fortunate to find a job.

    “It took me a year to find something, and it wasn’t easy,” said Ann Karl, who graduated in 2008 and recently went to work for Huguley Memorial Medical Center in Burleson, Texas. “I think I must have hit the curve right when the hospitals were starting to slow down on hiring.”

    Karl is hardly alone. Three years ago each graduate averaged three job offers, said Pamela Frable, director of nursing at Texas Christian University’s Harris College of Nursing and Health Sciences. But at graduation last summer, more students than ever before did not have jobs.

    A surge of applicants from nursing schools and from other states, plus older nurses returning to the work force, has increased competition for jobs.
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    Thank you so much!!!! I was thinking something was wrong with me, I have never been in a position like this before. Normally I apply and have an interview lined up quickly. I have applied some places in Dallas and have just been ignored. No thank you for applying--we will get back to you. Or thank you but you weren't what we are looking for. Nada.....

    Even in my home state I have filled out applications on line for prn positions in small hospitals and have yet to hear back. It's been 2 weeks. I will go for the interview in my city this week--I need something fulltime. But this is not a job my heart is leaping for...This gets discouraging because I haven't gone through this before. But this part time job and trying to juggle agency and getting cancelled 10 minutes after they state you have been confirmed is not my cup of tea. I never thought there would be much competition in nursing......I dont' believe nursing is recession proof.

    Commuter thanks again for the prompt reply!!
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    Best of luck on your job search.

    FYI, hospitals in most urban areas require advanced education/credentials & applicable experience for performance improvement & infection control positions.
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    This is so discouraging... I've started applying for jobs (I am scheduled to graduate in May 2010) and everyone has told me that nursing positions are "very tight'. A fellow nursing student told me that there were 800 applicants for only a few positions in the Texas Medical Center..
  7. by   rn2b10
    i keep seeing internships want atleast a 3.0 gpa, and im just slightly below that. i dont even know if i should even try to apply for an internship. what do you guys think? its also discouraging reading these posts, im afraid after all the hard work we all have been through that we will have a hard time finding a job..=(
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    Quote from rn2b10
    i keep seeing internships want atleast a 3.0 gpa, and im just slightly below that. i dont even know if i should even try to apply for an internship. what do you guys think? its also discouraging reading these posts, im afraid after all the hard work we all have been through that we will have a hard time finding a job..=(
    Still apply....You will get a job. You have to try. I guess things are different. I don't recall having to go through a nursing internship type program based on a gpa. Once they knew you graduated they would hire you as a new graduate nurse and you worked under the supervision of a RN and when you passed your boards you still were on orientation but an RN working under your own hard earned license. Is it not like that anymore?? Don't be discourgaed. Apply to as many places as you can. You will get one that will bite and you will surely be on your way!!
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    let me tell you i had a hard job landing a full time job after getting my rn license.... i was a lvn for many years and always had the option of working in ltc but even that did not offer the opportunities that it once did....i finally got hired in a ltac but i had to go through hell and back to secure that position...i'm so used to walking in to a ltc showing them my license and asking when can i start....not so when i interviewed with a ltac i had to actually had to prove myself ...they had people in line for the position i was interviewing for...its scary out there....
  10. by   dosamigos76
    It sure is not just you! I am up in MN and I can't hardly buy a job. I moved here from TX and was used to being recruited all the time. I am an ADN nurse and the employers have so many wonderfully qualified BSN + nurses to chose from it is disheartening.
  11. by   panzyo3

    Have you looked at the open positions at Parkland Hospital in Dallas? There are open positions in almost any area. I have been working here for about 3 months now as a new RN, and I love it!


    Don't worry about your GPA. Last semester I heard that Parkland wouldn't hire anyone with less than a 3.5 GPA (This of course was not true at all!) I graduated with a 3.26, and was hired the day after my interview! My advice is to apply everywhere. I know Baylor and THR don't have many new GN positions (like 2 or 3 per specialty), and unless you are working as a tech there or are doing clinicals there, it is really hard to get an interview. Good luck!
  12. by   rn2b10

    did they ask you what your gpa was? are you in an internship there? i dont live in the dallas area, i live in houston. but i have a friend who wants me to move up there but its unlikely i will.
  13. by   panzyo3

    No, they did not ask what my GPA was, I'm sure they looked at it though. I think they might have asked what you current GPA was on the application (mine was a 3.16 at midsemester). But I don't think they'll say " Oh, well this person only has a 3.0 we aren't going to accept them." You can always try calling the nurse recruiter. Yes, I am in the NNICU residency and love it! Dallas is a nice place to live, and if you work at Parkland you can go anywhere you want with all the experience you get. I'm not sure about the hiring situation in Houston though. Good luck!