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I am a nurse with 15 years of experience in L & D. Just curious if anyone has input on where the best place is to work in Dallas for experienced nurses. I currently work for an HCA hospital in another state and am planning to... Read More

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    Baylor Frisco is considered both the Cadillac of places to work and to have a baby these days. Presby Plano gets high scores on both as well.
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    @rdnkmommy---which Methodist hospital are you at? Do they offer anything like Baylor TDA?
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    For Labor & Delivery I would go with Baylor Frisco. 2nd choice would be Presby Plano. Both Baylor and Presby rank high as treating their nurses well.
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    I'd be weary of Baylor McKinney. It's a brand new beautiful facility but I had three coworkers (L&D) leave Methodist to go there. All three were back with us within 90 days. It's pretty small and the nurses were being floated to med/surf and ICU!!
    I had an interview this week at Baylor McKinney and quite a few of my questions focused on their float policy due to reading this comment. The manager finally told me that they have a hospital wide policy and float list, and you could be floated to any area of the hospital excepting L/D (because of the fact that I'm a male). They'll rotate who is next on this floating list despite the nurse not being the best match skill wise for the particular position. It was even admitted that you might be floated to ED with no Emergency experience, "maybe not to take patients, but to act as a CNA or document." The only exceptions stated were the above exceptions regarding males in L/D and any unit involving giving chemotherapy due to chemo certification.

    Sorry for bumping an old thread, but I think this information might be useful to someone.
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