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  1. How to File a Complaint against BON

    Unless it has changed recently, Texas sends out no licenses. Not even your initial one. Been that way about 8 years.
  2. UTS student wanting to work in America. Help!

    Do you have dual citizenship?
  3. Awesome, Probably one of the most over saturated states in the USA, with nurses looking for work.
  4. There are also plenty of places selling lottery tickets in my area, I never hear of anyone winning. I would suggest making an appointment with an immigration attorney in your area and ask a few questions, that way your best interest would be at sta...
  5. I don't see any areas in USA being short staffed and needing to bring in RN's. One of the requirements is the employer can't find workers. I just don't see any hospital going thru the expense and time of trying to import a forgein trained nurse and...
  6. VisaScreeen and H1B Visa

    Have you looked into IT work, I know in my area they are bringing in IT workers all the time. I not familiar with that field, but you can do some research and see if that may be an option.
  7. VisaScreeen and H1B Visa

    I still don't see "Aunt's Hospital" It just her aunts friend. From my personal experience I have been asked numerous times about sponsoring people from Philippines to come to USA for work. They tend not to understand the work visa process and thin...
  8. VisaScreeen and H1B Visa

    You will need to go thru like hospital or similar and they will have to prove they can't find US workers to do your job, which more than likely unless they lie ain't going to happen. I have a business in USA and I am also willing to sponsor/hire HB1 ...
  9. VisaScreeen and H1B Visa

    I don't see where she said a Hospital or a company was going to file for the visa, I think she said her aunt's friend.
  10. please help, what to do next

    Here is the USCIS website, It is where all visa are applied at or thru. I suspect the information you need is there. H-1B Fiscal Year (FY) 2
  11. Graduate of Nsg in Philippines, trying to apply In CA

    It's called the internet, I would google "California Board of Nursing" If it was me
  12. Graduate of Nsg in Philippines, trying to apply In CA

    Decide what state or states you want to work in and go their Board of Nursing website and read the instruction, most have section for International graduates What Visa did you enter USA on? Good Luck
  13. As an international graduate seeking job

    None You would have much better chance applying for Lottery Visa if you qaulify Green Card Through the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program | USCIS
  14. First job offer has bad Google reviews.

    I don't give google reviews much weight. You can do your own reviews or badmouth your competition with reviews.
  15. That I don't know. I am just a backer (business man). Never got into the nursing game, Just paid for people to go to school and do the CES and pay Texas BON. I am not a nurse, just a Kano from Texas.