Who's taken the teas v?

  1. And what did you think? I took it last week and feel like I was prepared for the Math and Reading portions by using the study guide but I really struggled with the Science portion. For me it was a lot of Chemistry and it's been a while since I've taken that course. I met the minimum requirements in each category for my program but it's the first year they're using the TEAS V (Last year they used the NET) so I'm not really sure what a competitive score is yet. Anyway I know there are different entrance tests and versions of the TEAS everyone is taking so I was just wondering how people felt about version V.
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  3. by   jrbw113
    My school scores by the program percentile rank and you have to have a 50 PR to even be considered. So, I think it depends completely on your school and what average they're going to use.
  4. by   stelat2010
    Getting a TEAS prep book is a must. It will familiarize you with the format of the test. Just study what's in the book and you will do fine. English and math are easy. It's the science that's tricky. Make sure you go over the basic concepts of chemistry (periodical table, atoms, subatomic particles, scientific notation). There will also be a couple questions on geology, physics (wave length, amplitude, frequency), anatomy and physiology.
    Also, buy an online practice test from ATI-TEAS web site. Most people pass on the second take, so don't stress too much over it.
    Score requirements differ from school to school. My school asked for 82% or higher individual score.

    Good Luck!
  5. by   thalictrum
    The chemistry made me want to bang my head on a desk until my forehead was bleeding. I'm five years out of high school and haven't touched chemistry since 11th grade; there was no way I could possibly learn all of that stuff again.

    I didn't like that the study guide tests were so different from the real tests (there were more anatomy questions and questions actually relating to nursing such as things about reading blood pressures etc), but then again I did horribly on my practice tests and well on the real thing, so maybe it was better in my case. I guessed on a lot of the chem, though. Educated guesses, but still guesses.

    As far as scoring goes, my school just takes the top 128 raw scores of the people who met the prereqs to test. Every school is different.
  6. by   NAM123
    Did any one order the TEAS V study guide? did that help?
  7. by   StarLite1980
    Hello, I took the TEAS IV last weekend and I got an 84. My school average is 79, but I am still nervous about being accepted into the nursing program. The ATI study guide was really helpful with math, reading, and spelling....however, it sucked in the science department. The TEAS IV practice test online seemed harder than the actual test. Anyway, I have decited to apply to another University that want's me to take the TEAS V. I called ATI and they told me that the TEAS IV study guide that I bought was fine. I am also planning on buying the Kaplan study guide to prepare for the TEAS V.
  8. by   Getreal2011
    I understand being nervous. I am also applying next year to a nursing program and that's all I've been worrying about. Were you advised to also buy the Kaplan study guide as well to prepare? If it really helps, I may do the same.
  9. by   Tweety9757
    Hi all, I'm new here and I really glad to have such a site for help and support. I took my Teas exam for the first time today and did terrible! I'm really bummed although I shouldn't be surprised because I didn't prepare for the exam. I figured I'd wing it but that was a BIG mistake. Thankfully I can take the exam about three more times before I apply to the BSN nursing program. Is there anyone out there that has rebounded from a bad test score or am I doomed? *Sigh* I will make sure to be prepared next time and maybe even see if there is tutoring offered for it. Thanks and good luck to those who have yet to take it!
  10. by   Awright162
    I attend Ivy Tech Community College in Gary, IN. I'm so bummed with myself. I took the teas for the THIRD time and I did really well on everything except the science. I really studied the science too. But I messed up cause I waited too long to study for it (like a month before) and I forgot everything that was on it before when I took it the first too times. Man. I really wanted to apply for Spring 2011. Now I have to wait until next Fall. This makes me absolutely sick! I'm almost done with all of my classes.

    Oh well. I guess I can always transfer.
  11. by   NAM123
    hi everyone,

    i took teas v and did bad. i dont know how people are making 80s and 90s...

    is the teas v study guide helpful? i need help and want to score in 90s...how is everyone studying?

    thanks for help
  12. by   kgh31386
    I wonder how the TEAS blew up into what it is now. When I took it 2 years ago at the beginning of school...I thought it was just an 8th grade level test and got in the 90's. I think a lot of my class did well too. But now I hear about study guides and practice books, etc..
  13. by   Amaranthine
    My pre-nursing advisor informed me that only about 10 made 80 or above out of about 400 or 500 people. She stated that most made from 65-75. Either people at my school were totally unprepared, or... the test was just really hard. For me, it was kind of easy... except the science. Although you could probably take educated guesses on most. I was surprised to see I didn't have as much chemistry as many other people said. That's probably why I did good. :P

    Anyway, if you're not sure if what you did was good or not... just go by the national percentile ranking and the program percentile ranking. If you're at or above, I would say you are fine (especially if you're above!).
  14. by   crazymind
    anyone retake TEAS V ? I would like to know if you get same set of questions.