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  1. If you think you can do the classes during the summer and pull a high grade, go for it. It's really competitive, so you should try to do what you think will get you the highest grade. I took it slow and didn't do any summer classes and I made it. Also, you should try and see if they offer any online courses. I took a few and they helped balance my work load so that I could get good grades in everything.
  2. Amaranthine

    Spring 2011 Hopefuls!!

    Taking my TEAS V next week! :) Then I'll find out by October if I get in. Does anyone here think less people apply for Spring rather than Fall? I know all schools are different, but I was just wondering if anyone had a feel for what the general answer would be.
  3. Amaranthine

    Has anyone used an e-book instead of a textbook?

    My A&P book came with a CD that had a copy of the book on it. I ended up using that over the book. It was much easier to study at the library and work out my lab homework or type up a study guide. My favorite part about it was the search function... it made everything so easy and quick. However, I usually never take notes in my book. If I did, I probably wouldn't have used the CD/e-book.
  4. Amaranthine

    ATI Study Guide Errors?

    Yes! I've found more than just a few, and it really annoys me. Some answers to the practice tests/questions are off because they used different numbers while explaining the answer and during a practice test question, two of the answers were the same (and it was the right choice). Those are just two I can think of off the top of my head. I hope they check the actual test better than they check their study guide. Was this the version 5 also?
  5. Amaranthine

    4 Qs about A&P vs. Microbiology?

    Thanks for asking! I was actually wondering the same thing. :)
  6. Amaranthine

    Flashcard suggestions for A&P class

    This is just for lecture, because I didn't use flash cards to study for lab (I just used the book and covered the labels with sticky notes in order to memorize the basics): The cards I made myself were the best I've ever used. Writing them out may seem like you're wasting time, but you're learning while you do it. By the time I got done writing my own cards, I had memorized most of them. Also, for my lecture, we didn't really have to memorize diagrams so drawing wasn't a problem. For actual body parts, that was mainly lab, and I already told you what I did there.
  7. Amaranthine

    Spring 2010 A&P 2

    I'll be taking A&P II next semester. A in lab and lecture for last semester. :) Note cards really helped me the most, as well as doing my outline of the chapter. I re-write stuff from the book, because chances are if I write it down I'll remember it. For lab I HAD to use the models. I tried studying with just the book, and I was so lost. The models and the book look so different! When I couldn't get to an open lab I would use my lab book. I get post-it notes and cover up what's labeled on the diagrams, that way when I'm studying I can just flip it over to see if I got it right. Another thing that helps me is studying out loud. I always get with my boyfriend, and I'm sure it drives him crazy, but I'll talk about what I'm studying kind of like I'm telling him a story or kind of like I'm teaching him. I also do this with an annoying, loud English accent. Very, very strange... it helps, though. Oh, here's a question that's almost random-- I saw a couple of you say your lab book was falling apart. Mine too! I was actually wondering if there was any way to fix it. I guess I'm weird, but the page curling really really REALLY bugs me. Anyone know how to get rid of that?
  8. Amaranthine

    Freaking... out.... will she round?

    I hate to bring this thread back up, but I just checked my final grades (after dreading them for about a week) and I got an A. I'm not too sure what's going on, but I'm definitley not complaining. Maybe she decided to use the original way of grading? Either way, I'm so happy. This made my break, besides the fact that my boyfriend proposed to me a few days ago. AHHHH! Again, sorry for bringing this back! lol :balloons:
  9. Amaranthine

    Freaking... out.... will she round?

    Ugh, no, it is fair, but I figured out what I needed to shoot for according to those online grades. I got what I got, I just have to live with it. D: Rantrantrant no one to blame but myself.
  10. Amaranthine

    Freaking... out.... will she round?

    Oh, no.... She apparently averaged things differently from the way it was averaged online and I made an 87.5. Not fair... not fair at all. :/ This is great.
  11. Amaranthine

    Freaking... out.... will she round?

    Thanks! She finally replied, and even though she did seem to be aggravated (like usual, I don't understand why she's like that...), she told me that if a student earns a .5 she will round up. I got an A! :balloons: I feel silly for freaking out so bad, but I was really upset about that!
  12. Amaranthine

    Freaking... out.... will she round?

    In A&P 1 I just calculated my final grade, and turns out it's an 89.85. I emailed her asking her if she rounds, but I haven't heard back from her, and I honestly feel like I bug her every time I email her. D: I just can't wait to know if I get a A or a B. I'm fairly positive there's no B+ grades, it's just a B. I worked so hard, I don't want to get a B... especially since it's so close. I could have almost gotten a C and it wouldn't have made a difference. What do you guys think?
  13. Amaranthine

    I'm scared and I need encouragement!

    jennylouwho-- After I studied last night I had it down. I wasn't really having a problem, just more of an end of the semester issue I have with not wanting to study hard anymore. lol I'm pretty sure I did great/pretty good on that test... I hope I did! I'll know possibly within a few hours. & Thank you ylwbtrfly!
  14. Amaranthine

    I'm scared and I need encouragement!

    :ancong!: I'm glad you did well. :) My final is in the morning... if I get a 74 I'll keep my A (if she curves, which I don't know if she realizes or not but she just throws in an extra 100 to our tests) or an 88 if she doesn't curve, but I seriously don't know about this endocrine stuff. Argh.... wish me luck. lol I really need it.
  15. Amaranthine

    C in AP I and II, should I retake either?

    I think that you should probably retake them. C's can bring your GPA down quick and then it's pretty tough to bring it back up. I see it like this: If I make a C in a class I won't have room to make a B in another-- has to be an A. Also, most nursing school's see a C in a class as bare minimum (because, well, in most cases it is) and that's not good. You want your GPA to be as good as possible. I also think that if you won't be working it will be much easier. Also the fact that you've already been in the class and know what to expect... I'm sure you'll make a much better grade the second time around.
  16. Amaranthine

    I'm scared and I need encouragement!

    If you want to figure out what grade you need on your next test in order to keep your grade, use this online grade calculator: http://www.conquercollege.com/gradecalc/ It not only shows what you need to make on your next test in order to keep your grade, it shows what you need to make a higher letter grade as well as what letter grade you get if you get a low grade on the test. It pretty much does everything.

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