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  1. Amaranthine

    BSN program that only looks at pre-req GPA, not overall?

    Austin Peay State University - Clarksville, TN They look at pre-req GPA only and you have to take the TEAS test to get in. http://www.apsu.edu/nursing :)
  2. If you think you can do the classes during the summer and pull a high grade, go for it. It's really competitive, so you should try to do what you think will get you the highest grade. I took it slow and didn't do any summer classes and I made it. Also, you should try and see if they offer any online courses. I took a few and they helped balance my work load so that I could get good grades in everything.
  3. Amaranthine

    Do nursing schools frown on repeat classes?

    It depends on the school. Where I'm at, they take every grade from a class that you've retaken into consideration. So, if you got a C in one class but retook it again and got an A it doesn't matter-- the C still counts against you. However, they don't care about any withdrawals you've had.
  4. Amaranthine

    I stink at peripheral pulses

    I was having a hard time with brachial at first, so I had to get the teacher to help out a little. She told me if I was having a a hard time finding it I should hyperextend their arm a bit. Now I can find it easy! I'm not sure if it's just taught this way some places, but they never told us to do this... maybe this is your problem. As for femoral.. I can't help you there. We didn't pay much attention to that area.
  5. Amaranthine

    Scrub sizes (pants)

    Thanks everyone!:) I got the brand from the bookstore and I looked it up to see which size I needed, then went and got a medium... only to find out that they fell off of me. Small was too big and extra small fit but were way too tight. I just got the small and was able to get them tailored. Those are the weirdest sizes I have ever tried on...
  6. Amaranthine

    Scrub sizes (pants)

    I have to buy my uniform for school at the bookstore. I'm not sure what brand the scrubs are, but we aren't allowed to try them on before we buy... and I don't want to have to wait in line to return (if possible). I was just wondering, if I wear a size 5 to 7 pants/jeans, do you guys think I should get a medium? I get medium pajama pants, but they are kind of loose.... and I don't want to get the small and have them too tight. I'm not sure what material they were, but they were really soft. Not the scratchy stiff fabric... Just wondering what sizes anyone else gets if they wear my size in jeans. I know different brands will be a bit different with sizing, but I just wanted some input. Thanks!
  7. Amaranthine

    Rank these classes by how hard they are

    Here's how I would rank them (going from hardest to easiest): A&P I (Concepts: 4; Volume: 5) A&P II (Concepts: 3; Volume: 4) Dev. Psychology (Concepts: 2; Volume: 4) Microbiology (Concepts: 2; Volume: 4) Sociology (Concepts: 1; Volume: 2) A&P I was harder than the second semester for me because I felt like having everything grouped into organ systems and everything was easier to understand. Also, I would say Dev. Psychology is harder than Microbiology for me because my professor's tests are kind of everywhere and it's hard to study for it sometimes. So, the easiness or hardness definitely depends on the teacher you have and what makes more sense to you.
  8. Amaranthine

    Littmann color question

    Thank you for answering. :) I didn't really think about my uniform when I was looking at the colors. The green is just the one that looks nicest to me (green is my favorite color). That's why I also asked what color would go best with the uniform. I was afraid I'd look a little Christmasy, and I definitely don't want black, so I really have no idea what would look nice.
  9. Amaranthine

    Littmann color question

    I'm getting a stethoscope for my first semester in nursing school. At first I thought about getting the pearl pink, but I don't think I want to stick out that much. The next best one (to me) is the seafoam green... there's just one problem-- most websites show a different color, and I'm not sure what it actually looks like. Can anyone tell me if it looks like this or this? I'm hoping it looks like the second picture. If not, does anyone really like the pearl pink? Or, does anyone have any suggestions for a color that would go better with a red and white uniform? Thanks!
  10. Amaranthine

    Pre-Nursing Classes

    I'm in a BSN program, finishing up my last pre-req's this semester. We have to apply to the nursing program during the last semester of these. The entry is based on GPA and TEAS score. :) I got in for next semester, but we have to keep a C in the classes we're taking right now or else we'll get dropped. We have to take: A&P I + lab A&P II + lab Microbiology + lab Statistics Intro to Sociology Communications (Public Speaking) English Comp. I English Comp. II World Literature General Psychology Developmental Psychology (Human growth and development) American History I American History II Freshman Experience (Everyone who goes to my school has to take this, unless they are transferring from another college) 2 Humanities courses (I took Art Appreciation and Music Appreciation) ... I don't think I forgot anything. lol
  11. Amaranthine

    TEAS question..Please answer

    I was bad at math, but I made a little study guide from the TEAS book. I studied that and worked out problems for a while, and I ended up getting a 90% on the math section. I took version 5, so it may be different, but the actual TEAS study book had problems that were exactly like the math section on the real test. The math wasn't really that hard once I went over it. It was more like stuff that I learned a long time ago (like in middle school), but because I hadn't seen it in a while I forgot things. Every school is different in what they want, so I can't really say what passing is. I would guess that anything above the national average or at the national average would be passing... For my school, it was the first year they used version 5, so we just went by that. Also, don't be worried if you don't do super well. You have the other sections to help boost you up in the end!
  12. Amaranthine

    Anyone buy their own anatomy models?

    I actually considered it, but a lot of them were really expensive. I didn't have time to go to open labs much at all and I still managed to make an A in both labs. Here's what I did- I made it ONE day to open lab for first semester, then I took pictures of the models and if there were any lists of what each thing was I took a picture of that. The second semester I couldn't get to open lab for that one day, so I just took pictures of the models during class when we were going over things.
  13. Amaranthine

    Spring 2011 Hopefuls!!

    Maybe I was just freaking out a little because I was nervous... but everyone got their letter three days before I did and in those few days I thought that they had lost my application or I messed up and they threw it out. lol It was only a few days, but it felt like forever. I got in, though! I'm so happy! Congrats to anyone else who got in!
  14. Amaranthine

    Spring 2011 Hopefuls!!

    Hopefully tomorrow I'll get my letter. A lot of people got theirs today and I'm so nervous! I think I will probably get in based on their scores/GPAs, but I don't want to get my hopes up... AHHH! I just want to know already!
  15. Amaranthine

    Pre-TEAS assessment vs. actual TEAS test

    Actually, for the version V at least, I was able to take each online practice test twice. The questions didn't change, though.