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I have to buy my uniform for school at the bookstore. I'm not sure what brand the scrubs are, but we aren't allowed to try them on before we buy... and I don't want to have to wait in line to return (if possible). I was just wondering, if I wear a size 5 to 7 pants/jeans, do you guys think I should get a medium? I get medium pajama pants, but they are kind of loose.... and I don't want to get the small and have them too tight.

I'm not sure what material they were, but they were really soft. Not the scratchy stiff fabric...

Just wondering what sizes anyone else gets if they wear my size in jeans. I know different brands will be a bit different with sizing, but I just wanted some input. :p Thanks!


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It really depends on brand and style. I know that in some brands I wear a small others it's medium/large depending on what brand I buy or if they are my homemade scrubs.


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I wear 9-12 in jeans and wear medium scrubs. depending on the cut of the scubs they are a good fit to slightly loose. I think if I were you I'd get the small pants.

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I'm a 14/16. If it's a women's cut, I'll get XL. If it's unisex, L usually works.

If it were me, I'd err on the side of looseness and (in your case) get the M. I can't tell you for certain what to get as a 5/7 because I don't think I was ever a 5/7 :) And as others have said, there's a lot of variations between brands.

Why not call the bookstore and ask what the brand is, then look up the brand online?


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Careful if they're unisex. I'm a 5'9 guy and I have to wear xs in many brands. They run HUGE.


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Thanks everyone!:)

I got the brand from the bookstore and I looked it up to see which size I needed, then went and got a medium... only to find out that they fell off of me. Small was too big and extra small fit but were way too tight. I just got the small and was able to get them tailored. Those are the weirdest sizes I have ever tried on...