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MsPC has 2 years experience and specializes in ED.

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  1. MsPC

    Navy Reserve Nursing

    If you want to join the Navy you can not be a corpsman due to having completed your nursing school requirements. It's in the rules. If you want to join as a nurse you need to get your bsn and then apply. If the rn/officer route is for you then you need to see an officer recruiter. Good luck...
  2. MsPC

    Almost done-itis

    I did it. I'm done, studying for the NCLEX now and picked out my BSN program. I'm on a roll!!! You can do it too!!!!!
  3. MsPC


    Excelsior no longer accepts the straighterline A&P orMicrobiology read which requirements are core requirements as none of those can be taken outside of Excelsior anymore.
  4. I didn't really take into account the cost savings of not having to redo coursework. TESC it is! Luckily being a military spouse and veteran I get in state tuition there! Thanks for the input everyone.
  5. MsPC

    Almost done-itis

    Two more days of studying and I should be done with this. My exam is scheduled for Saturday and I don't want to move it any further. If anything I want it tomorrow instead so I can get back to studying!!!
  6. The extra cost and chance to refresh my gpa are making me lean heavily towards the TESC program.
  7. MsPC

    Almost done-itis

    I have one exam left and I keep rescheduling it. I will be ready to start preparing for my NCLEX after one exam. I keep putting it away feeling less and less prepared as I read and listen to notes over and over. I can't wait to start my RN-BSN though and study for the NCLEX. I'm with you on not wanting to study anymore and will be watching for tips.
  8. MsPC

    Wife is an RN, Can't find job in Las Vegas

    If she hasn't found a job north vista has job fairs and she will get a job there if she attends.
  9. Just a few days ago I heard the words I passed my CPNE. Having my ASN from Excelsior I am having a hard time picking a BSN program. I am leaning most heavily towards WGU and TESC. Anyone who has done ECE and went on to the BSN what prerequisited or general education courses did you have to do or redo for the BSN? I am mostly concerned with sciences I really really don't want to redo microbiology or anatomy and physiology. How long did the program take you? How many classes at one time? Any pointers or tips or reviews on those programs are greatly appreciated.
  10. MsPC

    Wife is an RN, Can't find job in Las Vegas

    If you were married before she moved here try Usajobs for all rn positions even if they ask for experience but exercise spouse preference for hiring.
  11. MsPC

    VA New Grad Residency

    It is usually listed as graduate nurse technician. They open in the summer usually with the occasional fall-winter opening. Usajobs.gov is where you look.
  12. MsPC

    Governor of CA

    I would take part in this. I am also a military spouse. We moved to Vegas but my husband will be commuting to CA for work or I'll be committing to Vegas for work if we move back when he finishes his masters next year. I feel that the CA BON is unreasonable in that they have ways for foreign nursing school grads to get licensure but not those from programs they don't prefer.
  13. MsPC

    EKG class certification in San Diego

    I am interested in one as well.
  14. MsPC

    Excelsior College & California

    It only matters where you got your initial RN, it doesn't matter where your BSN comes from.
  15. MsPC


    I called them the day I passed and they updated it almost immediately. Depends on your advisor though. I don't know the FCCA deadlines off the top of my head but I'm sure someone will be along to answer shortly.
  16. To work at the VA or any Federal Facility you just need an RN license from any state, and since almost all the other states allow you to get a license in them you just get a different states license and you are eligible to work at the VA or a federal facility.