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  1. Getreal2011

    New job and nervous as all you know what...

    BTW - Didn't have to correct this, but I will being that we're helping each other out. "definately" should be "definitely"
  2. Getreal2011

    New job and nervous as all you know what...

    Actually, I didn't say that I never got a thermometer. - R.I.F. I am resourceful, not to mention my previous jobs were in management...so, relax a little. I was new, just learning the ropes, and was not going to make waves with someone who obviously was having a bad day. Sometimes you need to observe, watch and observe. I did not fail in the role, the role was not for me at that time. In case you did not understand the first post, I resigned because I had other priorities (not to mention the physical strain was a little much for me to handle). There is a difference. My priorities remain - finish school (2nd degree) and not with a C average (I maintain an "A" avg.). No one said, that I was NOT a change maker. My whole life right now is about change. However, you need to use wisdom in all that you do, and life is a learning experience. Everything isn't for everyone. That's why every nurse doesn't work at a nursing home, and every nurse doesn't work with kids, and every nurse doesn't work in oncology. It's about finding out what suits you and what you have the knack for...this includes determining what is NOT for you. I'm glad you edited "staff" with the right word. Unlike you, I am not here to act like I know it all or discourage anyone else. Not to mention, I'm under the weather and home in bed. MY statement remains, I still believe CNAs should know what they are dealing with. Two girls said they got sick from working there. Thanks for your comment...I guess.
  3. Getreal2011

    Forensic Nurses

    I'm thinking about going down the forensic nursing road. I saw something on domestic violence nursing and this fell under forensics. Is anyone a forensic nurse? I would love to hear about what you do. :)
  4. Getreal2011

    New job and nervous as all you know what...

    Well, that was short lived. I learned some things though. I had to resign, first because my studies began to suffer. I had to ask for an extension on a paper and fell behind quick on other stuff. School is something I take seriously. Sacrifice now for a better future. Second, I injured my back and I just couldn't do the lifting and pulling. I also, felt like I could take better care of those folks if I had more time. I had about 15 people and the hall I trained on was NOT the hall they placed me on my first week alone. The nurse on duty even asked, why I was placed on a hall where I needed even further training. That hall was some kind of specialty hall with suites and stuff. A lot of the girls didn't use the lifts. The main reason, because by the time they would locate a lift and get the person in it...a half hour would pass. Two things that kinda of got on my nerve some: 1) There was one night when I got all my vitals done except one temp. I had been searching for one of the thermometers for over an hour. Could not find one! So, I went to the other hall and asked if I could borrow one real quick, because I had to take a temp on the shared hall. The response I received was so nasty, I could do nothing but stand there in utter amazement. I'm not asking to borrow it to play with it, sell, trade in, or anything other stupid thing. I'm trying to do a job and help take care of someone. I just looked and said, "ummm okay, thanks?" and kept it moving. 2) The other thing is, I think CNAs should know if a resident has a contagious disease like staff. There were several people I was assigned to take care of that had contagious situations. If it were not for the other CNAs I would have never known. I've been sick ever since... I guess it was a learning experience.
  5. Okay, so I was blessed and now I have my first job as a CNA. I went through a three day training last week, but I still feel so nervous about being out on my own this coming Tuesday. I thought about not working as a CNA, that's how nervous I am. The two young ladies I trained with have a lot of confidence in me, that I'll get the hang of things. I don't have the routine down quite yet, and I feel like I'll take to long to do stuff and be late getting my folks to dinner and ready for bed (I work 2nd). Oh gosh...just a couple of more days to go and the real test will be staring me in the face. I'm in school and it's already putting a strain on me as far as having time to complete assignments and study. I'm trying not to get stressed out. I would like to hear from other CNAs that work 2nd shift what their routine is like? Were you nervous your first day on the floor alone? How long did it take for you to feel really comfortable with your job? I dunno what to do.....
  6. Getreal2011


    I've had similar experiences in life. As hard as it was, I did learn something though. I realized what I did not want to be like when it was my turn to be in that position. It's hard, especially when you are a person that is quick to check someone on their attitude towards you. I have been advised, by a few very successful people that I sincerely admire, to "kill them with kindness". People act this way for a number of reasons. One common reason is that they are insecure with who they are and their abilities. When you DO NOT act like them it makes them look retarded. LOL You come out looking like who you are, an intelligent, hard working, eager learn, and mature individual. It makes their bad attitude stand out, and trust me there will come a time when that foul attitude will be checked and corrected by the appropriate person. What goes around...comes around without delay. A good friend of mine had to remind me of this lately (due to a personal situation) - Never let anyone else's action, demeanor, or response change who YOU are as a person! Don't think of it as a bad experience, think of it as a learning experience that is now over and done with. One day, that very same person will probably have to come to you and ask for assistance and you will have the opportunity to "check her" in a tactful way!
  7. Getreal2011

    Nervous about the State exam! Any tips???

    Wooohooo for you!!! I pray, I pass the 1st time around. It's funny you suggested the scrubs. I was just thinking about that the other day. I think it will put me more in the frame of mind I need to be in. Oh and caffeine is a what...MUST..hellllooo! Especially, if I get a morning appointment. My test site is 40 minutes away from my house. Thank you.
  8. Getreal2011

    Would appreciate your input on resume content...

    i agree and i have been looking, but i have not seen any resumes that have (i'm not sure how to express this) a change of career. all the resumes i have seen are completely healthcare. not say...teaching and now a second career just beginning in healthcare. you understand what i'm trying to say? i'm definitely going to see how missmolly has hers set up just to get an idea. you guys have been very helpful thank you.
  9. Getreal2011

    Would appreciate your input on resume content...

    OMG!!! Yes, you are a God-sent! I mean or course I have a few resumes, but all with other experience. I was going to create a new one as you suggested, but I was going to totally leave off all my other experience. Please do send me yours. I will send you a pm with my email address (if I can figure out how lol). THANK YOU!!
  10. I just finished a CNA training course and will be taking the state test soon, so I'm also working on a resume. I have extensive experience and a bachelor's degree in another field. However, I have not been working for a while now, which is why I changed career goals. This new resume will be strictly for applying for CNA positions. I'm wondering if I should include any of my previous experience on this new resume?
  11. Getreal2011

    Nervous about the State exam! Any tips???

    Thank you! I'm glad you said that! During clinicals we really didn't do any ROMs skills, so I'm not experienced that much with them. Definitely going to have to go over those. Thank you, once again.
  12. Getreal2011

    Nervous about the State exam! Any tips???

    Yes, I am practicing, definitely! I hope to goodness I'm not given BP. I wrote out some flashcards and have been watching videos on Youtube. I have to remember also, to provide privacy. Thank you for the vote of confidence.
  13. Getreal2011

    Nervous about the State exam! Any tips???

    Thank you! I will try my best not to. :)
  14. Getreal2011

    Passed my state exams!

    :ancong!: to you!!!! I love the pick a skill out of the hat idea. I am scheduling my exam date on Monday. I'm going to use that to practice.
  15. Getreal2011

    2nd week of clinicals and I don't know if I'm going to make it

    Thank you! I passed the class! :) Now I just have to pass the state exam...