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  1. stelat2010

    Marymount Fall 2010

    Congrats Lee. I don't want to spoil your happiness, but Marymount is a very disorganized university. This is my second semester at MU, and so far I am very disappointed. I wonder if I should have chosen Catholic University instead. Good luck to you though. At the end of the day - it's the diploma that matters.
  2. stelat2010

    What do you guys do to wake up in the morning?

    I get up at 5:45 daily. Make sure that your coffee machine is programed so you have fresh coffee waiting when you wake up. Also, most importantly, jump out of bed and go to the bathroom as soon as you hear that alarm. Otherwise, you will just stay in bed and fall back asleep.
  3. stelat2010

    need info about marymount's bsn program

    Congratulations on acceptance to Trinity University, As for Marymount, by being "disorganized", I meant the following: 1. Last semester, our microbiology professor had an emergency and had to go to a hospital. She did not return until the last week of the semester, and she was out for 5 weeks - literally. We had no idea what was going on. Nobody communicated when she was expected to return. We were not provided an adequate substitute professor for the time being. Should I mention that our midterm grades were not entered into the system, so people had no idea what their grade was (dropping date passed at that point). 2. This semester, they messed up our clinical schedules. Basically, there are 4 groups. Groups 1&2 go together, and groups 3&4 follow next week. Well, somehow they swapped the groups by mistake, so all of the sudden I started receiving emails how I did not complete my clinical pre reqs and such, and if I was not to submit the missing documents, I was at the risk of failing the course?! It took them 3 days to realize the mistake and clarify the situation. 3. As someone else mentioned - they are really after your money. Now, I understand all schools are after money, but Marymount... Beware - they will try to transfer as less classes as possible, so that you take them at Marymount. This is even if the required classes you have taken are exactly same Marymount wants you to take. On a different note, when I was admitted to the school, my advisor signed me up for 12 units by default. Nonsense. The school charges the same whether you take 12 or 18. Don't let them screw you up. Take as many credits as you can for your money. If I'd listened to my advisor and took 12 units every semester, by now I'd be 10k deeper in debt. Beware and don't let them tell you what to do. Explore your options and ask questions. Good luck!
  4. Ughhh. One time, the nurse and I were changing a dressing on an unconscious patient. Apparently, the patient had upset stomach. We had her lying on the side, when all of the sudden, we heard "praaaaaa". Diarrhea sprayed all over the nurse's scrubs. I couldn't stop laughing. The nurse's facial expression was priceless. :)
  5. stelat2010

    The "Flirt"

    I flirt with them - not because I'm interested, but because I'm gay. They love it!
  6. stelat2010

    Tips for a newly employed CNA

    Just take your time and observe. Learn from other CNA's. Ask if need of help, do not be shy. Do not ever leave demented pt's unattended. That's how I almost got my write-up the first month. ALWAYS check the name tag.
  7. stelat2010

    Share The Weirdest Reasons Patients Push The Call Light

    LoL to ALL :)
  8. stelat2010

    need info about marymount's bsn program

    So did you hear anything yet? I am studying nursing at Marymount too. Honestly, I am not impressed so far. It is supposed to be one of the best nursing schools in the area, but god, are they are just disorganized or what?! For such a small school, they should have their stuff together. Also, be aware that options are very limited when it comes to selecting your professors. If you're required to take a particular course, and only one professor teaches it (there are plenty of horrible professors there), you are screwed. I think I would have been better off, had I opted for Catholic University.
  9. stelat2010

    Marymount University (northern va)

    It's my second semester at Marymount. What can I say... Very small university. There are some great professors, but there are also a whole lot of bad ones. The problem is that at such a small university - there are no options; so you are basically stuck with the only professor for that teaches the particular subject. I was accepted to Trinity, Catholic, and Marymount. I selected Marymount but I am honestly starting to regret it. For such a small campus, they need to be way better organized.
  10. stelat2010

    GPA Requirements for Washington DC area schools?

    Thanks for the advice CCN2010. I agree that CUA is very expansive compared to other great schools in the area. In fact, I've been accepted to both CUA and Marymount. Decided for Marymount. It is cheaper than CUA, and it has the 2nd NCLEX passing rate (right after Georgetown). I hope I like their program.
  11. stelat2010

    GPA Requirements for Washington DC area schools?

    Thanks so much for your long answer. As you predicted - I've been accepted :) I also got accepted by CUA, and waiting for Marymount's decision. Maybe I see you on campus. All best!
  12. stelat2010

    Gay male nurses?

    I am gay and I have no problems at work whatsoever. I highly suspect that anyone will care whether you're gay or not, as long as you act like a professional and do your job right... Best of luck!
  13. stelat2010

    Marymount Fall 2010

    I haven't heard anything yet either. Submitted all the documents, passed the TEAS. Now waiting. I DID get accepted to Catholic University yesterday though :)))
  14. I just received the letter of acceptance from the CUA and am really excited to start. Has anyone attended this university? What was your experience? How difficult is the program? How good are the professors? Share your thoughts, experiences, and advice.
  15. stelat2010

    Odd things you've seen in nursing

    Last week, I was repositioning an HIV patient, when he grasped my hand and scratched me. I was terrified since he broke my skin, but the doctor later told me not to worry, as he was not bleeding and didn't have any blood underneath his nails. But yes, nursing is RISKY, and one has to stay alert of his surroundings and potential dangers at all times.