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  1. Awright162

    Macaroni & Cheese

    I looked at the last line and still don't get it!
  2. Awright162

    Physiology Vent

    Whats your instructor name?
  3. Awright162

    My undergrad GPA will likely prohibit me from becoming a NP

    My grades aren't that good right now. I was doing okay until last semester. Now I feel like I'm completely screwed! :smackingf
  4. It is between just you and the student in an inclosed room. Or are they going to have all of the students (men and woman) in one room with 30 tubs? If I am going to be in a small closed room with another female than I don't think I'd mind this tooooo much. But if I am going to be complete exposed than there is no freaking way in hell! AND..I would only do it ONCE and only ONCE!!!!
  5. Awright162

    Looking for a nurse practictioner to interview

  6. That is absolute despicable. I feel really ****** right now after reading that. I hope I never go through something like this when (if I ever) enter nursing school.
  7. Awright162

    LPN to RN, thinking of dropping out :(

    Hello. I'm so sorry to hear about your predicament. I remember taking Anatomy and Physiology 1 and 2 last year. Those WERE some really hard classes. I remember studying and studying for the exams and while I felt confident that I had retained enough of the information to get a decent grade it seemed this was harder to do most times than others. Just hang in there it all be okay. In my case it didn't I ended up with a C and D at the end of that semester. So my grades might not be good enough to get into the nursing program here, but we'll see. I'm sure you'll do just fine. Good luck.
  8. Awright162

    Afraid of calling in

    Yeah, like the others are saying I would go to work too. Who knows, you might not have to stay the entire shift. Just try to make up for the lost hours. You can get up maybe 3 hours earlier and then going to bed maybe 3 hours later that day. Good luck.
  9. Awright162

    "Oh, you're a guy? I can't hire you"

    So let me get this straight.....they only need ONE man to work for them. How many people does this place employ? I would think they needed more than one man CNA. Unless the one they hired recently was the last of the required count they needed for the men. All I say is...I'm glad I'm a woman. Sorry to hear about what happened to you, I think you'll be fine though.
  10. Awright162

    to nurse or not to nurse?

    Not all nurses have to clean poop. If I were you I head over to the BLS.gov website and do some research on all of the different nursing professions first and then consider what degree you want to pursue. Good luck!
  11. Awright162

    This drives me nuts! Do you know how to read???

    Which thread are you referring too?
  12. Awright162

    "You cannot have BSN or MSN on your nametag?"

    I thought you had to get your Associates first and then you Masters....I didn't know you could skip programs. Interesting.
  13. Awright162

    I'm mad and sad(about pt's family)

    I believe that there are more than one side to a story. While I don't know anything about this family, I'm sure there is a good reason for the family's behavior. Or who knows, maybe they are just that heartless.
  14. Awright162

    I feel like a jerk!

    Business is business. Just tell them that you aren't able to continue to work for them because of unseen circumstances but you are going to give them 2 weeks in advance. Don't worry about what they are going to think about in this situation. Just do the right thing and go about your business. Whatever happens is THEIR problem NOT yours. Was that to harsh?