How long did you prepare for TEAS?

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    How long did you guys give yourselves to prepare for the TEAS test? Which study guide did you use? Any tips?
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    I study for about two months everyday and then once I finished the whole book. I went back over it again and hit the areas I was not comfortable in. I used only the ATI study guide, pretty much everything in the book is on the test.
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    I studied about 6 weeks, and I used the TEAS V study guide so I knew exactly what I needed to study. I had to refresh in the math area as I am older than most students and it had been a while. I must say it helped me a lot.
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    Good question. I have been wanting to know this as well. Thanks for asking.
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    I studied every day for two weeks. I did the entire official study guide from ATI cover to cover. Then, I did the two online practice tests from ATI the day before the exam to brush up on weak points. I thought the actual test was easier than the online practice tests, so I think that doing the online practice tests really prepares you well. I scored well (95%) but I tend to get As in school and test well generally. I definitely had to prepare and would not have gotten that high of a score without the prep.
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    Hey Bdycky, are you starting at Atlantic Tech in Coconut Creek?
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    Two weeks and ati study guide
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    13 days, I used the ATI study guide and Pass the TEAS V by Complete Test Preparation, plus a ATI practice test online.
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    Good question. Thank Bydycky for asking this question.
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    2 weeks, 6-9 hrs daily, I took it today, it was surprisingly easy =)

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