How long did you prepare for TEAS?

  1. How long did you guys give yourselves to prepare for the TEAS test? Which study guide did you use? Any tips?
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  3. by   Bdycky
    I study for about two months everyday and then once I finished the whole book. I went back over it again and hit the areas I was not comfortable in. I used only the ATI study guide, pretty much everything in the book is on the test.
  4. by   newbtonursing
    I studied about 6 weeks, and I used the TEAS V study guide so I knew exactly what I needed to study. I had to refresh in the math area as I am older than most students and it had been a while. I must say it helped me a lot.
  5. by   friendlyjane
    Good question. I have been wanting to know this as well. Thanks for asking.
  6. by   alibear27
    I studied every day for two weeks. I did the entire official study guide from ATI cover to cover. Then, I did the two online practice tests from ATI the day before the exam to brush up on weak points. I thought the actual test was easier than the online practice tests, so I think that doing the online practice tests really prepares you well. I scored well (95%) but I tend to get As in school and test well generally. I definitely had to prepare and would not have gotten that high of a score without the prep.
  7. by   aspirational
    Hey Bdycky, are you starting at Atlantic Tech in Coconut Creek?
  8. by   meg2014
    Two weeks and ati study guide
  9. by   HeatherMax
    13 days, I used the ATI study guide and Pass the TEAS V by Complete Test Preparation, plus a ATI practice test online.
  10. by   token787
    Good question. Thank Bydycky for asking this question.
  11. by   Lilia1
    2 weeks, 6-9 hrs daily, I took it today, it was surprisingly easy =)
  12. by   shunnyk
    Lilia1- congratulations on your success with the Teas. My question to you is what did you feel that your math and science portions were heaviest in (e.i. Percentages, fractions, order of operations, A&P, chemistry,)
    Also this may have been asked already, but can someone tell me how many questions are for each section?
    Thank you all. Just trying to mentally prepare myself for my test day on May 7th. Which is also the day of my daughter in laws scheduled c-section. Can't stop wanting to hit myself in the head for taking this date, but I am on a time table and there is no refunds or exchanges.
  13. by   AQEELSMOM
    I recently took the TEAS and scored 88% on my first attempt. Here is how I studied:

    I borrowed a classmates teas book and photocopied it. I started by doing all the first practice tests to see how I would do with absolutely no prep, recorded my answers and saved for later. Then I went over each section, and hi lighted/ made notes on the copy as I went along. Whenever I had a few spare moments, i would pick a completed section and quickly review, noting the things I hilited/made notes on. Then I went over the first practice tests again, and focussed on what I go wrong and why. Then I went over all the sections again. Then I did the second practice tests, and when finished went back over it, noting what I got wrong and why.

    The day before the test I made separate notes on the things I wasn't 100% on, or had made mistakes on while going through the practice tests.

    I got a good nights sleep, and before the test reviewed my notes.

    The test is not particularly hard, you just have to cover the material. Simply skimming through is not going to result in good marks. I didn't do any online tests.

    I would suggest that if one is going to do the test, find a couple other people who are doing it too, and split the cost of the book and then just photocopy it. I found the whole thing a bit of a ripoff tbh and wasn't going to spend more than I had to.

    I would also suggest starting to study earlier rather than later, so that the info is cemented in your brain, instead of trying to cram last minute, which will increase your stress and add to test anxiety. I did the bulk of my studying a month before, and reviewed minimally the couple days before the test.

    I hesitate to mention the actual amount of time I spent studying, because everyone is different. I didn't cover math and reading because those are strong areas for me, so I only focussed on science and grammar. If you're not good in math, going to your schools tutoring lab would be beneficial to get comfortable with all the conversions.
  14. by   tykesmommy
    I decided I was taking it the day before so I didn't do much except look over the practice questions that I found online. I made a 76%.