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  1. HeatherMax

    Jersey College

    I am in my 5th term of 6 at Jersey in the bridge program. If I do not pass the exit exam and graduate, I have a backup plan. There is a college that accepts all of our credits and for 3K and three weekends of classes, they submit paperwork to the BON for our ATT.
  2. HeatherMax

    American Military University RN-BSN?

    I am still working on my ADN, just trying to do some research prior to graduation.
  3. Current LPN-RN students, do you still work? If so what types of hours? Which shifts? Anyone do home health? I am drowning doing these 12 hour 6p-6a shifts Fri and Sat and school/clinicals Mon-Fri 0715-1530. Trying to get some other ideas, I think I am over night shift.
  4. Me too! Also a military spouse, I started my pre-requisites in SC, then transferred to VA, once in VA when I decided to really go for nursing, I figured out I only had 30 months left on that set of orders. I changed my plans to LPN because I knew I knew I could finish the program and start working before we moved. Then we got orders to FL and once here I started to finish up the last few prerequisite classes so I could apply to the LPN-RN bridge. With only two classes left, I met with the advisor and was crushed to hear that with all my transfer credits, my points didn't add up to much and my chances to get into the program were slim, even though I have a good GPA, I just didn't get as many points because I took them all over the place. So I sacked that idea and applied to a private college and I am currently 1/2 way through my LPN-RN bridge. If I had continued at the local community college, I would have just submitted my application to the bridge. They have over 200 applicants to 36 seats. Who knows how long I would have been sitting around waiting to get in.
  5. Go to a private college, costs more but at least you can get a seat and prove you belong there.
  6. HeatherMax

    If you have been accepted into a LPN program...

    I got in and will start in September! {67.8}
  7. Ok those that got/get in... what was your GPA, TEAS V score, did you have ALL the general education classes completed? Still working on my pre-requisites... info is power!
  8. I didn't even know TCC had a LPN track. I am so happy you will be at HU!!!
  9. HeatherMax

    Riverside School of Health Careers RN program

    I applied to an LPN program, hope to hear this week if I got in! I have also been told that the LPN to BSN at Sentara is FANTASTIC, and the competition to get in isn't as cutthroat as going straight for the BSN. Also the LPN program at Riverside is awesome too, and you WILL get a job when you graduate! There are so many ways to get to where you want to go! Don't get down! Study and try again.
  10. HeatherMax

    Wonderlic Tests

    There is no science on it. The Wonderlic Basic Skills Test is a short-form measure of basic verbal and quantitative skills that is designed to assess work-readiness for entry-level jobs. By selecting individuals who have the ability to handle the requirements of the job or program, training time and turnover can be reduced. This basic skills test is useful for positions where job duties include mathematical calculations, written or oral communication skills.Verbal areas evaluated include: General Educational Development (GED) Level Word Knowledge Sentence Construction Information Retrieval Quantitative areas evaluated include: General Educational Development (GED) level Explicit Quantitative Skills Applied Quantitative Skills Interpretive Quantitative Skills
  11. HeatherMax

    Waiting on acceptance/rejection letters

    I was ok waiting till yesterday, I have a feeling the letters will go out this week and now I am a mess.
  12. HeatherMax

    Wonderlic Tests

    It is very easy, if you passed high school in the last 20 years, you will pass the Wonderlic. It is basic math, like you get paid $1000 a week. Your rent is $500 a month, utilities are $200 a month. How much money do you have left to purchase other items. SOoo easy.
  13. HeatherMax

    How long was your CNA school?

    Looking at going to CNA school this summer, curious how long your class was. Thanks!
  14. HeatherMax

    Failed CNA Test. Should I retake it?

    Pharmacy is a dead end job. I just left it, retake your exam if you failed.
  15. I will be completing the first 10 months with my husband deployed and three kids at home. Maybe doing extra classes will have to wait for the summer break. *IF* I get into the school. Still waiting to hear.
  16. HeatherMax

    Going Crazy-- What would you do???

    There are also LPN to BSN bridge programs, so you wouldn't HAVE to do RN before BSN