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  1. My school has a strict uniform policy. That email was professional and to the point. It was nothing unprofessional about it. The uniform policy was taught and discussed in an earlier class. When you are in uniform you should take pride in it, you...
  2. I got a letter for 2 so far. First time school wrote a letter and it was granted. This month letter again I wrote a letter and explained why I could not attend and 2 days later granted again. Write a letter to the commissioner of the jury duty an...
  3. token787


    Oh no! I looked at a couple of your post before and they were quite helpful to me! Best wishes always!
  4. token787

    First Fundamentals Exam went Awesome!

    Congratulations and Good Job! What and how did you study?
  5. token787

    Nursing School Survival Kit

    I have to agree with everything on the list but the most important is dedication and passion.
  6. token787

    Black Friday, Code Blue

    Tears from reading OP. You did a darn excellent job!!
  7. token787

    Advice to students

    This was a very good post!!
  8. Get the ATI book to study for the TEAS. In my opinion, the ATI only introduces the science subjects to study, you should get other books to supplement and go in depth with the ATI science subjects. Most of all Welcome to AllNurses!!
  9. token787

    Oh NO! Just got the SCOOP on my Chemistry Professor!

    You're going to drop the class and take it on a Saturday with the same professor??
  10. token787

    I did it! (Graduated!)

  11. token787

    Questions about TEAS

    I have McGraw Nursing School Entrance Exam, and 5 Teas.... I did not once look at the 5 Teas. If you have time do look at it and take many practice test.
  12. token787

    Questions about TEAS

    I studied the ATI book, everything that was on my test was introduced in that book. I also had to get other books to go in depth with the science. I had McGraw, Secrets, Idiots, Princeton, other biology and chemistry books, (*My fav out of these wer...
  13. token787

    teas exam in a month

    Study and you will do great! Best of Luck!
  14. token787

    Organizing for nursing school

    Hi Staceym I sent u a message. Please check your inbox. Thanx
  15. token787

    Erin Condren Life Planner

    I would like to also know this.