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  1. My school has a strict uniform policy. That email was professional and to the point. It was nothing unprofessional about it. The uniform policy was taught and discussed in an earlier class. When you are in uniform you should take pride in it, you should be professional and represent the school and yourself at all times. If you think that email was unprofessional well I seriously think you need to rethink your profession. Listen, follow the rules and procedures and don't sweat the small stuff.
  2. I got a letter for 2 so far. First time school wrote a letter and it was granted. This month letter again I wrote a letter and explained why I could not attend and 2 days later granted again. Write a letter to the commissioner of the jury duty and explain your hardship.
  3. token787


    Oh no! I looked at a couple of your post before and they were quite helpful to me! Best wishes always!
  4. token787

    First Fundamentals Exam went Awesome!

    Congratulations and Good Job! What and how did you study?
  5. token787

    PASSED NCLEX ! FIRST TIME ! 265 Questions !

    Congrats to you RN! God is good! Glad you studied because Big Brother was boring and a snooze fest so you chose the right route to study hard.
  6. token787

    The Worst Hospital Visitor I've Ever Seen

    Some people is just a hot mess. I would of called the animal patrol, rights....on that Milton, what a terrible person to do that to dogs and then have the audacity to come to a hospital and say that to his sick wife. He is sickening!
  7. token787

    Nursing School Survival Kit

    I have to agree with everything on the list but the most important is dedication and passion.
  8. token787

    January 2014 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    I'm keep my eyes closed because I think my eyes is playing tricks on me!
  9. token787

    January 2014 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    Send this box to the neighbors, I'm sure they can give it a nice home!
  10. token787

    January 2014 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    Harold! What button did you push on that time machine?!?
  11. token787

    January 2014 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    This box has to be related to Pandora!
  12. token787

    January 2014 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    Call that whudini from the magic show we went to today and tell him he left his best box of tricks!!
  13. token787

    New nursing student advice

    Very good suggeestions from everyone.
  14. token787

    Studying for nursing school

    Thank You, Bunnysanford I appreciate it!
  15. token787

    Regular Backpack versus Rolling Backpack

    @ Fearless_leader, OMG! I wanted that bag but they were sold out! Love it!