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    New Canadian Grad Moving to Denver Area

    start the visa screen application sooner rather than later. CGFNS is notoriously slow.

    Henry Ford Hospital?

    I went to DMC, same pay.
  3. I am planning on applying to CRNA school in a few years, and am wondering if anyone here has done the program at a school in Michigan. Was is very competitive? what was your gpa, did you get your first choice, how was the program, what school did you go to, etc? Any input greatly appreaciated! Thanks!

    US ADN RN to Canadian RPN?

    Hi dishes, thanks for your response!

    US ADN RN to Canadian RPN?

    I'm a Canadian Citizen working in a Level II trauma center in the capacity of RN in Michigan. I completed an ADN here in the US. Just doing some research to see what my employment options would be if i decided to return to Canada, specifically Ontario. I already sent an email to the CNO but wanted to check in here to see if anyone had any personal experience. Would I be able to gain licensure as an RPN in Ontario with my ADN education and work experience? I am planning to do an RN-BSN bridge this year but won't be done until the end of the year. I'm hoping that the political and social climate in the US doesn't decline to the point where I have to leave the US, but I would like to have my bases covered.

    Nclex prep for out of state educated student?

    Ok, thank you. I was told otherwise, hence my question.
  7. I did my schooling in FL but will be sitting for NCLEX in Michigan. Where can I find resources regarding the scope of practice for health care providers (lpn/lvn, rn, nursing assistant etc) that is particular to Michigan, as well as state laws regarding healthcare specific to Michigan, that may appear on the NCLEX? Thank you!
  8. thanks a lot! and congratulations!
  9. Hi, thanks for your reply. In your experience how long does it take the BON to process a license after NCLEX completion?
  10. Just wondering how fast I can get an NCLEX date to test, as well as how long it takes the Michigan BON to process a license after the NCLEX? This would be for Detroit and vicinity.
  11. ok great thank you, i wasn't sure what would be expected on a new grad resume, so i will go with your suggestion. i have another question if you don't mind - i'm on a visa in the US and am barred from working, and all the hospitals in my area will not permit me to volunteer without an SSN... so my volunteer experience is pretty thin, other than a few small activities i did during community healthcare. i went on a medical mission with an NGO over the holidays to a developing nation... i just want my resume to be competitive but i am worried... thoughts?
  12. lets just say i took a long time to "find myself". i am in my mid thirties and have worked in multiple industries (tech, hospitality, fashion, entertainment). prior to going back to school for nursing, i worked as a therapeutic massage therapist for a year after completing a 2 year college program. prior to that, i goofed off in the uk for a year with nothing good to put on my resume (i worked as a coat check girl in a high end celeb nightclub while going to astrology school - something that i am leaving off my resume because i know people look at any kind of occult knowledge with judgement and suspicion). i was a self employed makeup artist/server for 3 years before that. prior to THAT (this is now going back 15 years) i worked in the tech industry as an executive assistant/office manager, and also ran my own management agency for artists for two years. that was 15 years ago though. so i'm kind of at a loss. as i mentioned, i'm in my mid thirties, but i look like im in my early/mid twenties, and everyone assumes so and treats me accordingly, until i casually slip in my age. i actually have a huge base of knowledge and experience/skills spanning from computers/technology to administration to sales to dealing with all kind of people of all walks of life, but i'm not sure how to frame this on my resume without looking like a total kook who just jumped around (which i am, and i did). i dont want to submit a resume that only covers the past 3 years (nursing school and massage), because potential employers will assume that i'm in my early twenties, but going back 15 years doesnt make sense either. i'm not sure how to approach this?

    Henry Ford Hospital?

    Hello, I am from Toronto. I am still in school so no work experience down here yet to describe. There are many travel agencies that place Canadian nurses on assignments of various lengths. You need 1-2 years of experience in a specific area, and you need to sit for NCLEX, but they help you with all the details as well as getting visas. Hope this helps.

    Any experience working at Methodist in Gary?

    ahh yes, i have been reading about that. still very interested in Methodist.