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    I have no idea where to ask this. Despite being against going back to school after becoming an RN (just graduated last year), I've been dabbling in the idea of becoming an NP. I've been looking up info on a nearby school who has the program. I'm a little confused now. In order to start the NP program, do you have to have your BSN? Any help?

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    You'll have to investigate different programs to see if they require a BSN or a BS in something else. You will need one of those to go to NP school as they are Masters programs. Also do some research in the areas of preceptors for the program. Many programs leave the onus on you to find your own preceptor to complete the program, which I personally feel is a bunch of crap because you are paying good money to attend these programs.
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    Most accredidated NP schools require a BSN as it is a masters prepared degree.

    There is talk of making NP a doctorate prepared degree in 2015.

    Google research for a program that would work for you. Keep in mind that you will be a more effective NP with more nursing experience.
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    Thank you....I read further into it and yes, this school does require a BSN. Oh gosh.... I don't know what to do.
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    Go get your BSN while you build up your resume and gain experience. Also network and keep yourself in a good standing at work as you will most likely need recommendations. If cost of your BSN is an issue than look into online RN-BSN that have cheap tuition.
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    I just didn't want to "waste" my time getting my BSN. I had just did a quick search on the schools site and I thought I just had to get into the NP program and that was it. Oh well....I guess when something's worth it, there's hard work involved. It's just a lot of schooling that I don't want to do, lol. I don't really want to do an online BSN program because for me, I learn better in the classroom, not teaching myself. BUT I'll definitely look into that too....there's a nurse I know who's doing an online program now.
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    You won't find any type of Master's Degree that does not require a bachelor degree of preparation. UNLESS the program is advertised as a direct Associate-to-Master's program. Those may exist for a NP program, but they likely will take almost as long as taking the 2 degrees separately.
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    There are ADN to MSN programs out there but they are longer of course because you still have to take bachelors level courses to get your MSN. There are two of these programs in the KCMO area. Good luck to you!
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    Check with different programs in your area. I had two BS degrees (psych/Bio) before nursing school. I went to an ASN program. When I was ready to move on to NP, I was required to obtain my BSN. However, it was only about 14 hours and 9 of those are dual credit, giving my 9 hours toward my MSN.
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    There are some online schools you can do your RN to MSN (I think it may be a bridge???) but be sure to check out your state and if they accept bridge programs. I have heard some don't. Do some investigating and good luck!

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