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Ive been accepted to Frontier. WHOOOO HOOOOO!!!!! Still in shock....happy, excited, scared. Will be going to Frontier Bound in Nov. Since I began looking at schools, I felt this was where I was suppose to go. Will be... Read More

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    Well maybe I have misunderstood. I was told by one of my nursing instructors that Texas doesn't accept every online MSN program, only certain ones. Thanks for the clarification.

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    Well I don't know for sure, I'd call their Board of Nursing. But "online MSN" to me is like the Clinical Nurse Educator or those types of Master's programs that don't have clinicals. It would be impossible to have a nurse practitioner program without a year of clinicals, and that makes it not a typical "online program". If you find out Texas wouldn't accept it, please let us know because that's something I think could be challenged in the legislature. Especially since Frontier is a very reputable school and was started by Mary of the icons of nursing whom every nursing student learns about in school!
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    Good luck!

    Depending on when you go to Hyden, pack bug spray.
    For class, get an organized way to save your papers. I use dropbox for everything related to school. When semester is over, I purge the dropbox and am ready for next semester.

    Develop a community with your classmates- they can save your ass.

    Class 92
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    I'm an Excelsior graduate also. I have applied to Frontier. I have taken statistic again through Frontier since it's been over 10 years. They are now questioning physical assessment course...Excelsior wrote a narrative on what I had through them---is that enough or will I most likely have to take another physical assessment course?
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    Also, should I be concerned about a cut off time for admission into Frontier's FNP master's program? The FNP doctorate program in that just a recommendation to go with FNPs having a doctorate or is it a requirement yet?
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    You must have a Bachelor's degree and are applying to the regular MSN track? I just have the ADN-RN and am in the Bridge program, we get Stats and PA as part of the first year's courses, so I can't help you on that.

    I know some schools have eliminated their MSN program in favor of the DNP (Washington State University is one of them), but I don't know if that NLN recommendation has really gone into effect. You'd want to ask Frontier directly if they were planning to eliminate their MSN program. As of right now, it's certainly still just an option as there are plenty of Master's NP programs around still.

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    Yes. I have a Bachelor's in Behavioral science, so I'm on the MSN track. I completed a massive portfolio. I hope to get out of the physical assessment course, but I bet I'll have to take it. Statistics was great. I finished in December with Dr. Voss. Just make sure you follow her instructions to a tee and you'll do fine. I think I'll love Frontier, if I could just get things wrapped up to finally get in.
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    Does anyone know how the clinicals work for the midwifery program? Im in Louisiana and midwifery isn't common around here....What sort of clinical sites would you go to for this? Would it be a birthing center?(As far as I know, there's one over in Arkansas, and maybe in Miss, and perhaps one in south LA if it's still open, but that's a good 3hours from my location)....
    Im still an ADN student(and have a previous BA-Sociology) but to be a midwife or FNP in women's services is my ultimate goal!
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    I am gathering my stuff to apply to the ADN-MSN bridge program for the November class. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what kind of GPA they had when they were accepted. I have a 3.3, I know the minimum is 3.0 but I am just trying to estimate my chances of getting in. I also have 6 years nursing experience so it might help a little! I talked to Dr. Voss and she said the essay and references are pretty big factors as well. Any advice?? Thanks a million
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    Hello, I am also considering Frontier for their FNP program. Can someone confirm that I am reading this correctly..."Registered nurses who have an Associate Degree in Nursing but no baccalaureate degree in any discipline will be considered for admission via the ADN-to-MSN Bridge."

    I do not have a baccalaureate degree, only my ADN. So, I read the above as I don't need an undergrad degree to get accepted into the RN-MSN bridge, correct?

    Also, in regards to the one year of experience... I don't currently have one year of experience, but by the time the class I would apply for starts, I will have one year of experience. Will that count or do they want me to have one year of experience at the time I apply, irregardless of which class I am applying for ?

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