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New graduate RN working on a crazy busy neuro floor.

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  1. BulletBlueSky

    HELP! HR benefits mess/nightmare

    Hello, So, I started my first nursing job a little over a month ago. Last week, I went online to signup for my health benefits and I see the option for Health Savings Account. The HSA sounded interesting but I wanted more information about them before I signed up. I checked my folder I was given in orientation to see how long I had to sign up for benefits. I came across in the folder that told me 90 days from start date, which would have given me a little more than 8 more weeks from that time to sign up for benefits and look more into the HSA. Well, I did my research on HSA's and went back online to enroll in benefits and I was blocked from doing so, saying that I was past my enrollment period for benefits and I would need to wait until the next enrollment period. I emailed HR , thinking it would be a quick and easy fix as there was an obvious mistake. Well, HR told me that we were told on the first day we had 30 days to signup for benefits. I said, well ok, that's been a few weeks ago, I must have forgotten that by the time I went to signup for benefits, I double checked what I was given during orientation and with what they provided me, it said I had 90 days. HR said sorry, we told you 30 days in orientation. So, you will have to wait until the next open enrollment period. Is it me or is that riduclous that I would be given conflicting information and now I can't get benefits until January as opposed to October 1st? Would I be going to far to bring my situation to the CNO?
  2. BulletBlueSky

    Missouri Air Reserve/Guard Units

    Hello all, I am starting nursing school and am considering a career in the Air Force Reserve or Air National Guard. If at all possible, I'd like to keep my 1 time a month, weekend drill commute within Missouri. Does anyone out there know of any units in Missouri that have RN's? And if so, the name of the unit and the city in which they are located. I'm located in the Kansas City area, so I'd also consider units within an hour communte in Kansas... Thanks a ton!
  3. BulletBlueSky


    I would suggest checking with USAJOBS.gov, there are DOD (US Government, Department of Defense) medical facilities all over the world that serve the various members of the US Military serving at bases in Spain, Japan, England and the majority, if not all of the patients are English speaking.
  4. BulletBlueSky

    nervous about the TEAS test...

    It would be worth your time to but the ATI TEAS test prep book that comes with two practice tests. Like others have said, focus on the Math, Reading and English. Unfortunately, if you are weak in Science, even the TEAS prep book, won't help much. I'm sure you will do fine!
  5. BulletBlueSky

    RN opening at VA Hospital in Des Moines HIRES NEW GRADS!!

    That's exciting, I'm just starting school this year, but I will certainly check with the Des Moines VA when I graduate. I have heard nothing but good things about working at the VA as an RN!
  6. BulletBlueSky

    Least competitive states for LPN program?

    I am going to an LPN program at Cass Career Center in Harrisonville,MO. They accept 27-30 applicants every year and from what I can see as long as you get at least a 75 on your TEAS test then you are bound to get in on your first try. It is a public institution (not for profit) and about half of the cost of some of the for profit schools around like; Colorado Technical, Brown Mackie, etc. The only prereqs you need are your TEAS test and three references. They don't require ACT or SAT or even look at your GPA from High School or past college credits. The LPN program at Cass Career Center has a NCLEX PN pass rate of close to 100% every year.
  7. DelanaRN, thanks for the positive words for CCC. I was thrilled to find it and I live reasonably close to Harrisonville. I applied to both CCC and Northland Career Center. I'm sure Northland would have been a fine program too, but the drive would have killed me. I also plan on bridging asap to RN at Park. Did your fellow classmates that graduated from CCC and Park with you have any problems finding employment after graduating from Park? @Nik- sorry for your bad exp. w/ CTU! I would stick it out and try to make the best of it at this point! maybe try to get some PT work as a CNA to gain more clinical exp. and ask a lot of questions. This should help with your confidence while doing your clinicals for school Best of luck!
  8. BulletBlueSky

    Waiting acceptance/rejection letter....

    Sounds like you definitely earned a spot in the upcoming class! It stinks that you have to wait so long to find out if you were accepted or not. Best of luck!
  9. BulletBlueSky

    Can you get an RN degree online?

    Hi, I am aware of online colleges to bridge an LPN to RN, but that is about it. Also, something to consider if you were able to find such a program would be clinicals. You might be able to find a program that offers an online RN degree, but I am pretty certain that you would still need to do clinicals onsite at a hospital and with your description of where you are currently located, it sounds like there might not be too many hospitals close by to do your clinicals.
  10. BulletBlueSky

    Military ADN

    Shawn, I've looked into Air Force Nursing as well. From what I can tell, there are not active duty military compenents that allow you to serve fulltime as an ADN. Most reserve components have reserve nurses with an ADN. I believe the closest thing you will be able to get to would be the Air Guard. Hypothetically, you could join the Air Guard for a few years, work at a civilian hospital and do your one weekend a month,two weeks a year. Use the Air Guard to pay for your BSN and then request a transfer to the Active Duty Air Force. Best of luck!
  11. BulletBlueSky

    Tuition repayment questions

    The only hospitals that I know that will forgive your loans are the hospital based RN schools, like Research Medical Center or St. Lukes's in Kansas City. The stipulation with them was that you agreed to work there after graduation for a predetermined number of years and they would forgive your tuition. But, even there, that is only if they have a position available when you graduate. I have been looking into the Air National Guard or Army Reserves for loan repayments. From what I can tell, the Air National Guard has fewer and shorter deployments, but fewer positions available. Either way, both seem to have good programs for nurses, you just have to accept the possibility of being deployed. Best of Luck!
  12. BulletBlueSky

    LPN??? RN???

    I don't think you would be wasting anytime, perhaps saving time, by going the LPN right first. I just decided in January that I wanted to change careers and become a nurse. Realizing how "cut throat" entrance into a RN program is in my area and the length of time it would take to get into one, I went for the LPN program that is taught at one of the public VocTech schools in my area. From then I will apply to a bridge program. I think this route is fastest for someone who doesn't have the 4.0 in all prereqs. Anyways, just my opinion and I'm sure whatever path you choose to become an RN will be just fine.
  13. BulletBlueSky

    100 Apple iPads to be used at California hospital

    If they plan on using these over their wireless network, I might be worried how that will effect everything else on the network. Princeton University recently banned or at least won't allow iPads to connect to their wifi due to the way they connect to the Network which supposedly causes some big issues with everything else. http://db.tidbits.com/article/11195?rss
  14. BulletBlueSky

    Computer meltdown delays surgery

    Wow, everything from Surgeries to Security was effected by this incident. Big thumbs down to McAfee.
  15. I'm starting this August 2010. Anyone else out there? @ DConnors and Diva0082 can you tell me about your experience at CCC?