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dottimur has 8 years experience and specializes in Hospice, Nursing Education, Primary Care.

Board Certified (AANP) Family Nurse Practitioner MS Nursing Education, BS Math, OSU, RN

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  1. dottimur

    Tulsa Community College

    There are more things TCC looks at to determine if you will make it in their nursing program. They weigh science grades more heavily than general requirements like Sociology, etc. This is most likely because nursing builds on what you learn in your science classes. Good luck to each of you and keep us posted.
  2. dottimur

    Graceland Summer 2014

    Jason, you may send me and e-mail outside of allnurses. I will PM you. I completed my education at GU in July 2015. Send me an e-mail and we can keep in touch. Dotti
  3. dottimur

    MSN to Post Masters NP

    I went to Graceland
  4. dottimur

    MSN to Post Masters NP

    I did a post master's FNP and I got federal student loans with no problem
  5. dottimur

    MSN to Post Masters NP

    I have a Masters in Nursing Education from Oklahoma University (an online program) and just graduated with a post masters certificate from Graceland University as an FNP. I do not have experience with for-profit schools and acceptance into other programs but I got in the first time I applied at Graceland. Both programs were online and I had a wonderful experience with both. Best of luck!
  6. dottimur


    In the OKlahoma area my experience has been around $30 / hr too for full time with benefits. I know two PAs who get job offers all the time for $150k now that they have some experience. That works out to about $75 an hour full time with benefits and being paid for malpractice, etc. The potential for a six figure salary is much higher with advanced practice. The other thing to consider is job satisfaction.
  7. dottimur

    Rogers State University

    MK90 have you ever taken the ACT? You do not have to take the pre-reqs at RSU but make sure the courses are equivalent before you enroll. For example, Comp 1 will be the same at each college. However, you can take a chemistry with a lab and without a lab. You probably need the one with the lab. Those are the types of things you have to make sure of. TCC may have a list of equivalent courses (they used to). It is very important to make good grades especially in your science classes in order to get into any nursing school. Get in touch with TCC if that is where you want to get your pre-reqs. They may need an ACT too.
  8. dottimur


    New grads are getting $85 to $90k to start in Oklahoma. $40 to $45 an hour for PRN part time non urgent care. Urgent care $65.
  9. dottimur

    Graceland University FNP

    How is it going?
  10. dottimur

    Graceland Summer 2014

    Just checking in with everybody. I am in my adult practicum and only have family practicum left. How is everyone doing?
  11. dottimur

    Review options to have when STARTING NP school

    I found this post a few weeks ago which is well written and very thorough. I am reviewing the Barkley's audio CDs and book over my semester break. See https://allnurses.com/nurse-practitioners-np/passed-ancc-fnp-949017.html
  12. dottimur


    Congratulations! I remember reading these boards and wanting to have that honor of posting I got into NP school. I go to Graceland in KC.
  13. dottimur

    Computer resources during FNP

    Graceland fits my learning style. I think it is a very good program. Where are your going to go?
  14. dottimur

    Tulsa Single Mom needing school advice

    My number 1 advice to any potential nursing student is to stay away from the "for profit" colleges like Platt, Breckenridge, etc. They are very bad news. As far as TCC, OU, Rogers state, etc my opinion is that you will get out of nursing school what you put into it. TCC may be the cheapest option I think. You can PM me for more information if you like. I am a nursing instructor. On scholarships, google it or check with a counselor at TCC. They should be able to help you. Or look around allnurses. Good luck! I am proud of you for going to school as a single mom.
  15. dottimur

    Computer resources during FNP

    I am going to look into the 2 in 1 by HP. I will receive my iPhone 6 Plus within 2 weeks and I found a review of it as a work tool to consider. See http://www.zdnet.com/iphone-6-plus-half-of-a-very-portable-work-system-7000035265/

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