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Wish me luck!!

  1. 1 Hi guys!
    Yesterday, I interviewed for a school nurse position. The interview went great, IMO, anyway!
    I currently work on a cardiac unit in a small hospital. I hadn't planned on leaving, but at my son's IAT meeting, my kids' principal asked me if I was looking for a job, told me about the available one, and then name dropped me to the principal looking for a nurse.

    Anyway, I find out TUE either way.
    Please send me good luck, vibes, juju and anything you've got! I hope to be joining you all soon, as a school nurse!
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    I hope you get the job!! I have applied for a School Nurse position as well, but I haven't been called for an interview yet. Best of luck to you!!
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    Good Luck! Good Juju sent your way!!
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    I hope you get the job! Way better than working in bedside in my opinion. I loved working in school health. I still do it PRN.
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    Best of luck to you!! And let us know how everything turns out!
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    Good luck! Fingers crossed for you.
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    I congratulate you for jumping at an opportunity for a complete change. It is a good thing to challenge yourself. Good luck!🍀
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    Oh, I thought you were calling me! Just kidding. Good luck!!!
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    Good luck!
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    It is Tuesday!!!!!
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    Didn't get a phone call
    She said she would call either way, so I'm hoping she was just busy today and didn't have time to call.
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    I hope you get the job, Morganalefey! You may think about following up with an email or phone call to the principal. Good Luck!