What do you go by?

  1. In my school there has been a gentle transition where everyone is beginning to address me as Nurse D instead of Mrs. D.
    I don't mind - i mean it is my title - but then i got to thinking about how it may come off as snooty or strange or something.

    On one hand, the kids and staff immediately know who your talking about if you said Nurse Flare instead of Mrs. Flare (and that's how it began - i took over an extra curricular club and after the kids got confused as to whom the papers were to be returned to, i changed the form to say Nurse instead of Mrs.)- but on the other hand, i don't think it's a title most school nurses use... or do they?

    I mean so many of my students just refer to me as nurse or The nurse....

    Thoughts?? Perhaps i am over thinking this...
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  3. by   wearingmanyhats
    I work as a classroom nurse in an MDS classroom in an elementary building. Our building nurse is "Nurse Robin" since her last name is very long and could be difficult to pronounce, and I am "Nurse X" (my last name since it is easy to pronounce, and we try to teach our kids to use "Mrs" whatever instead of just the last name...

    I think it is acceptable, and perhaps even better since it lets the kids know that we are "the nurse" and not just another adult in the building. I don't think it's snooty... we EARNED that title.
  4. by   Jolie
    My last name is a tongue-twister. When I first met my MIL, she informed me that I was never to refer to her as Mrs. Tonguetwister, that her first name was preferred. Over the years, I have come to equally detest the constant butchering of my last name, which is even more tongue-tiwster-ish when following Mrs. (It almost rhymes.)

    So long ago, I began to ask children to address me as Miss Jolie, a common tradition in the South, where I used to live.

    It works fine in school. Miss Jolie, Nurse Jolie, doesn't matter.
  5. by   amoLucia
    I smiled when I read your post. With all the hot issues and problems in health care and nursing today, your gentle question is a breath of clean fresh air. I think your kids will like you whichever name you use.
  6. by   100kids
    I like both actually. There are some kids who call me "nurse" some who call me Nurse mylastname , some who call me Mrs. mylastname and even a few who call me Aunt myfirstname because I have some of my nieces/nephews in my school so they hear it from them. It all works for me.
  7. by   schooldistrictnurse
    Everyone calls me Mrs. A, because I also have a difficult last name. Oh yes, there is one principal that calls me Nurse Ratched, but that's another story. . . .
  8. by   Purple_Scrubs
    Everyone calls me Nurse (almost as if it is my first name, lol), except the principal who calls me Mrs. + last name, and a few teachers who call me by my first name. We got a new secretary this year, and she thought it was hysterical that the clerk, who I am friends with and work closely with at school, adresses me as "Nurse". I never thought much about it, but it's cool. I'm the nurse

    I've never thought much about titles and such, and it never has bothered me how I am addressed. I pretty much allow people to call me whatever they are comfortable with, as long as it is respectful!
  9. by   100kids
    Quote from schooldistrictnurse
    Oh yes, there is one principal that calls me Nurse Ratched, but that's another story. . . .
    Oh yes my mother and my husband like to call me that too. LOL
  10. by   SchoolNurseTXstyle
    I go by Nurse _______(last name). Some of my counterparts go by their first name. However, since the kids are expected to call the rest of the teachers/ staff by their last name, I feel I deserve the same respect.

    Now, if I had a really hard last name, I may feel differently. Luckily, mine is short and easy for the kids.
  11. by   rdsxfnrn
    I have always been Nurse first name. Sometimes the pre k kiddos call me Doctor first name.
  12. by   Merlyn
    I go by anything except Son of a B#%^&!.
  13. by   merlee
    I think it is just fine for the school nurse to be Nurse X, first or last name, whichever is easiest for the kids.

    It is a matter of respect.
  14. by   nightie-night nurse
    My principal calls me "nurse" ex: "Hey, Nurse. How's your day?" So I call him "principal". "I'm great, Principal"

    When I answer the phone or make a call, I identify myself as Nurse (last name). I feel this helps to indentify they are speaking to the nurse and not someone else who might be covering for me. This is kind of like how my state's nurse practice act requires us to have our credentials on our badges.

    The students and teachers can call me anything appropriate, Mrs. (last name), Nurse (last name), or first name (for the staff and teachers only).