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Happy School Nurse's Day!

  1. 7 Thank you all for all you do for your school kids and all the help you have given me starting in this wonderful arena of School Nursing!

    I was happily surprised this morning with a Happy School Nurse's Day Banner in my room today signed by the kids and a nice gift certificate from the teachers. It's nice to be loved.

    Hope you all have a wonderful day!
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    How sweet! I pretty much don't get squat Happy School Nurse Day to all my colleagues...love y'all!
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    Happy School Nurses Day!
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    Thanks! Right back at-cha!
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    happy school nurses day to all my sisters and brothers in this never boring practice!! go ahead.. take a bow!!! give yourself a hug and a kiss :kiss or just go crazy !!! go on celebrate you know you earned it!!!!
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    Happy School Nurse's Day!!!
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    happy school nurses day...aloha~

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    As a new member of the School Nursing frontier (since January) - I have to say I am so grateful for the opportunity. My life has been changed by these students and by the staff. I received a card (signed by all the staff) and gift card. I replied with an email stating how I wouldn't want to share this national week of recognition with any other profession - as it is also National Teacher Appreciation Week. What we do is very similar...nurture, care, listen, teach...wow.

    Blessed to be here
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    My best friend is a teacher - so interesting that we share the same week for appreciation.

    I received a gift of candles from the principal of one elementary school and a plant and card from the teachers here.

    Very nice.
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    Nurses rock!! Keep up the compassionate work, brothers & sisters of the medical field everywhere.