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  1. Float pool, would I be in over my head?

    Congrats on Step 2. I did Float poolfor 4 years whilee i was the union rep for the nurses at my old hospital. it let me see who/what worked on each floor and where i definitely would not want to be without "friendly backup" if you want you can PM ...
  2. Special Needs Child Being Bullied: How can I keep my patient safe?

    As an agency school nursing supervisor i am extremely proud of you!!! i wish i ceould do more but i want you to know i support you in everything you have done so far. now it is time to take care of you tho. please get in touch with NASN (National Ass...
  3. DNR versus AND

    Janfrn, is there any way possible to make that system-wide module on "goals of Care" available? it shoulds like your facility is on the right track when it comes to end of life care.
  4. Teaching a medical assitant and cna courses

    I taught CNA classes for 2 years and I can honestly say that with very few exceptions, i thoroughly enjoyed everyminute of it!!! I lewarned how to deal with multiple language and education levels and that if a student is passionate and willing to le...
  5. Things would be so much better if only...

    yesterday i sent out an email to all my school nurse and quite a few of them said thank you for "being a good boss" It really does feel good torecognize each other. i sent them out just as a reminder that they matter and i ended up feeling great abou...
  6. Happy School Nurse's Day!

    happy school nurses day to all my sisters and brothers in this never boring practice!!:thankya: go ahead.. take a bow!!! give yourself a hug :hug:and a kiss :kiss or just go crazy:bugeyes: !:w00t:!! go on celebrate you know you earned it!!!!
  7. My personal record is eleven discharges/admissions on a 3-11 shift on a telemetry unit!
  8. Questions about per diem agency work

    Often an agency will not post jobs available because they want to interview each candidate and obtain all the candidates info to see if they are a good fit., Another reason is if a job seeking nurse see a job on an agency site they can go directly t...
  9. Trach Suctioning

    I would also question suctioning anyone every 15-30 minutes. irritaion to the trach with that much suctioning could cause inflammation or bleeding, both of which would impede the airway. i absolutely agree to meet the child and parents in a safe e...
  10. wow, school nurses are awesome!

    Ashley I am so proud of you!!!!!!!! you are doing really well on your clinical rotation and i just wanted you to know it was noticed!!!!! Keep up the good work! and I will be here if you need any moral or educational support!!!
  11. No gloves ever?!?

    You absolutely did teh right thing and it was not gossiping if it was said in the context of post conference. That's where the good the bad and the ugly is discussed! just be sure that everyone remembers confidentiality of the patient and does not d...
  12. how to make the most of my peds clinical rotation?

    that is part of the challenge of peds. you will find that this is part of your education where you have the opportunity to build on your psychosocial skill set. i tell my students there is "Book life" and "real life" and nowhere is that more apparent...
  13. how to make the most of my peds clinical rotation?

    I think you need to slow down a little and pay attention to the lessons at hand. I am not picking on you but i noticied that your entries alll have a common theme "What's next gimme more." you had 1 day on peds and another nurse tried to show you wh...
  14. Am i burned out?

    where is that out of the way place? is it on the east coast? i need a place to recharge my batteries and i m in NYC!
  15. Helping those in need in a time of war..

    Patrick thank you so much for caring for "Both sides"!! May we soon never have to be in that position! I pray for peace.