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    A brief vent questioning my sanity in returning to school for RN to BSN to MSN.

    It's been 13 years since I graduated with my ADN. If I complete this program in a timely fashion I'll be around 50 years old. Class only started this past Monday and I'm already stressed. Although given my first class is Applied Statistics, a class I've always dreaded, I'm not surprised I've already added to my grey hair collection. It's time though. The kids are all in school and have all agreed "it's time you put yourself first Mom". I question if my brain's ready for this. Other than keeping up with required CEs to maintain my license, there's been no formal education going on up there. Sigh.

    Ok, vent done. Off to study. Thanks for listening.
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    WOW,...that could be my post!!! I turned 46 in August,...am in my 3rd semester of RN to MSN,....we can do it. I think this is way better than when I was in my 20's, divorced with 2 small children, trying to go to nursing school while working full time! Best of luck to you!

    BTW PERRLA is your friend,...if you don't have it,...get it!
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    45 when I started ADN and then went on to get BSN then later MSN. Not sorry and you will not be either. It was actually "fun" in some respects.
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    I am 50. Not even close to ready to go back to school for my BSN.
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    You can do it. There's never a best time but there's always the time you have. When I started mine I had a 6-week-old at the breast, but I knew if I didn't go then I'd never get another chance, and that's pretty much how it worked out. (That baby had HER first baby the year before finishing her PhD. Runs in the family.)
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    And.. if you don't complete this program.. when you are 50,, you will still be well on your way!
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    I wish I was only 50 when I completed MY masters. Sometimes it takes sometime to get into the swing of things when it's been many years.
    Maybe go slow the first semester, even if it takes a bit longer
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    I was out of school for 20+ years before going back. Took 5 years, one class a semester, but now I'm 50+ and got it done
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    Thanks for all the words of encouragement everyone!!! I really appreciate them (I'd insert the 'hugs' smiley here but it seems to have disappeared. I can't wait for the opportunity to use the 'poop' one though ).

    RN-Cardiac: what's PERRLA?
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    All I could think of was Pupils equeal, round, reactive to light and accomodation. LOL! However I googled and found out that it is an app for writing research papers! Learn something new every day!
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