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Get off the Pedestal with the whole BSN vs ADN thing. A fact this is overlooked is that ADN does the same job as BSN and passes the NCLEX. Everyone then cried ADN is uneducated blah blah. WHY dont we look at the 4 year... Read More

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    Quote from mmcwaters
    Wow...I have to say I am a little shocked at reading this post. I am a college student going back for my second will be a BSN. It does not paint a good picture for someone spending 4 1/2 years out of their lives and tons of money (I don't get scholarships this time around since I used all the educational and state ones provided for my first degree) to read this and then expect to go into a work force full of animocity for an advanced degree. No where in my curriculum is it required to take a gym class. I think its pathetic and immature to post something that anyone can see that degrades any type of educational accomplishments. I think everyone should think about who reads these posts, and it is NOT ONLY registered nurses, etc. that get on here. Alot of students get on here as well, and let me tell you...some of you are not good role models for this career.
    We need a place to come and share the good the bad and the ugly. Whether or not this poster's intention was only to stir the pot, there are lots of posts that express frustration with some aspect of the job, I don't think it's fair to have people censoring themselves because someone in school or considering nursing won't think they are a good role model.

    I've never experienced much animosity in the workplace regarding one individual's choices in education. Remember that most people post when they are upset about something, whether student or nurse which makes a message board a skewed reflection of the real working world.
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    Not another ADN versus BSN thread. Somebody Shoot me.
    It is simple. I getting my BSN because I need a job. I don't want anyone to have the excuse to not hire me and/or fire me because I don't have it. I got my schedule today and it seemed like a bunch of fluff, but I'm not complaining.
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    I'm sorry, but I think you're misinformed about what type of classes BSN students take, OP. I have enjoyed my genetics courses and population health courses. Genetics was an elective. Research courses are also wonderful courses that are incorporated into the BSN curriculum. ADN programs simply don't have time to do those courses.Having a BSN isn't necessarily a bad thing, and having one isn't necessarily better than having an ADN.
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    I just want to know: where are these 2 year ADN programs? In my area, all of the ADN programs take 3 years to complete and the RN-BSN programs are 2-3 semesters. Even with most of my pre-reqs taken during another lifetime, it's going to take me three years no matter what I do. Additionally, this debate has caused many ADN programs to add more pre-reqs and other "weeding" measures to enhance rigor and reputation (and add a few more dollars to the cost of their programs). So technically, at least around here, there's not much difference between the education received--some of the RN-BSN classes are repetitions of what ADNs have already learned. And when you couple that with all of the continuing education that is required to maintain a license the gap narrows. I wish ADN programs would do a better job of touting the reality of the education they provide. And I wish we could all just get along...
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    Hello OP,

    So sorry you feel that way. However, I am wondering what BSN program you are looking at?

    My BSN program includes plenty of critical thinking, communication, psych, and science classes. None that included the ones that you describe in your post. I think the ADN evolving into the BSN is a good thing, because health care is evolving. Nurses are taking on more responsibility and the actual environment around them is changing as well, as in, it is becoming more customer service oriented, rather than patient care oriented. The classes I am taking are preparing me with interpersonal skills (or rather, advancing them/refining them) so I can be a well rounded nurse. Also, I am creating a foundation for me to start thinking like a nurse. One that I can add onto with experience once I get a job.

    That is my experience and opinion though. I think if people wish to further their education and want to spend the money do so, they will. I think there is somewhat of a slight difference between ADN's and BSN's, but again, this is just something I have noticed.
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    I understand the frustration that a lot of ADNs feel. I'm a new nursing student so I've read a lot on the forums about ADNs being passed over for jobs that are then given to BSNs. I have to say, while an ADN nurse is well qualified to perform their job functions, a person who has two additional years of education has several advantages. I've owned a couple small businesses and dealt plenty with hiring. A candidate with twice as many years of education is generally is more well rounded and has a lot more to bring to the table. General education does not consist solely of P.E. and cooking courses.

    In the California state university system, 2 years of courses focused on American Institutions; Lifelong Understanding & Self Development; Social, Political and Economic Institutions; Arts and Humanities; Mathematics, Lab, life, and physical sciences, Oral & written communication, and critical thinking are FAR from useless. And, I believe the BSN is therefore twice as qualified and brings twice as much to the table.

    Having said that, a bachelor's degree in another discipline should serve as a plus for any ADN as well. I'm not sure about the curriculum differences between an ADN and a BSN program, but I do know that an ADN to BSN program does not require one to simply take general education courses. Therefore, it's quite clear that there are differences in the level of nursing education for an ADN as opposed to a BSN.

    I do believe nursing would be taken more seriously as a profession if we had one level of entry to practice, and many ADN programs have been expanded due to the supposed nursing shortage. I believe that during times of plentiful candidates for nursing positions, there is no reason to take a less educated or less experienced nurse. It's up to the employment candidate to be the best they can be in all areas. Education is something that most people respect, and most people have access to.
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    I debated about whether to post or not.. but here is my two cents worth. I started with an ADN 10 years ago, finished my BSN earlier this year, and am currently working towards my Masters. I have always LOVED being a nurse. No matter what anyone says or thinks, my BSN coursework improved my quality of patient care. I am not saying that it will for everyone, but for me, that is the single most important objective in my career.. the more I learn, the better I can care for my patients. I am not saying it is for everyone, but it was the best choice for me.
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    Quote from mombabyRN96
    I find this disturbing since I live in America where the language spoken is English.
    I live in a community (IN the USA) where German, French, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, American and English are spoken. Because America is a a multi-cultural country with multiple companies from many different countries. I find it rather wonderful.
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    Quote from RNsRWe
    Who really wants an educated nurse? Not me, baby.....I want the most ignorant fool the hospital can manage to hire to take care of my loved ones. I don't care if the moron has an ADN or BSN, the most important thing is that they spout useless rants full of erroneous information.

    Wonder if I just found my dream nurse!
    The question is, are you offering her a "dreeeaaammm job"?
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    Ah yes the ADN vs BSN debate, i am also very sick of this argument but it is what it is. The fact is that many ADN's are upset because hospitals are now requiring BSN's for employment. We all know that BSN preferred actually means BSN required in 99% of cases. I am second degree nurse student i earned my Bachelors in Biological Sciences from FIU in 2011 with the intention of becoming a vet and decided after some personal situations that i wanted to go into nursing. I am attending Miami Dade Colleges ADN RN program and its fully paid for by a scholarship i won. It is a very well respected program in South Florida and many nurses that work in major hospitals down here like Jackson Memorial got their degrees at Miami Dade. ( Not to be confused with Dade Medical College which is a scam). I digress, anyways many ADN students are frustrated because we do the same clinicals, we take the very same NCLEX and we are no longer desirable for employment because we lack management courses. Lets not forget that the BSN was originally designed for nurses wishing to pursue management positions or NP ect ect. ADN's programs are tailored for bedside nursing. I am becoming a nurse to work in ICU but alas i will probably never have that opportunity with my ADN and Bachlors in Biological Sciences. Why? because the standard is now BSN for a bedside nurse job. i can enter the MSN program directly at Univeristy of Miami when im done with my ADN due to my other degree but what the point since they wont hire an FNP or acute care NP without experience so i will have to shell out more money for an RN to BSN program. I agree i dont think the OP was knocking BSN nurses but the hospital politics that govern hiring of BSNs and opposed to ADNs for bedside positions. Also i noticed many people on AN think its so easy to just move somewhere else, alot of people do not have the luxury of picking up and moving to other states for a job so we are stuck in a saturated market with a degree hospitals do not want and no way of obtaining those golden 1-2 years experience in a Critical Care setting. We all have bills to pay and cant afford to wait 4 years for a BSN to take boards and get a job, so many student choose the ADN route to get the license and start working and get experience in the field and make income to pay for that beloved BSN. I dont expect the hospitals to pay for furthuring my education ( those days i hear are long gone) i will pay for it myself but i need a nursing job to do it.

    anyways thats just my 2 cents
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